~Dartmouth Chinese Dance Troupe~

Who Are We?

~a bit of history~

The Dartmouth Chinese Dance Troupe is a student performance group that was started in 1996 by Priscilla Cham, Class of 1998. The group performs on campus and in the Upper Valley Community at events such as The Commencement Gala, Enfield Elementary School, the HopStop Family Workshops, DAO Culture Night, Shanghai Nights, the annual Harvest Festival, and InMotion: a dance event that was named "Best Collaborative Event of the Year" by COSO, the Council On Student Organizations, in spring of 2000. The Dance Troupe has grown as an Asian American resource over the past few years. It was originally an extension of the Dartmouth Asian Organization but has now been recently recognized by COSO, the Council On Student Organizations, as an official student organization this past winter. What we love about the Dartmouth Chinese Dance Troupe is not just the thrill of learning pieces to perform in front of friends, families and strangers, but also the chance to enter into a circle of individuals I could befriend, look to for advice, support, and admire. Membership has never required a prior knowledge or formal dance experience of any kind. Neither has it been exclusive only to the Asian community. The Dance Troupe has always welcomed individuals who have an eagerness to learn. Every personality within the troupe contributes to the spirit. One member's eagerness to run all over campus to make sure everyone has the necessary costume items, another's good nature during long rehearsals - these qualities are oftentimes more valuable than grace, flexibility, or stage presence.