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Dartmouth College Child Care Center

Hinman Box 6233
21 Reservoir Road
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: 603-646-6610
Fax: 603-646-3232
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special events at DCCCC

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What's Been Happening?

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Story Telling: Abiyoyo Returns and Caps For Sale

                                        abiyoyokids  jeff and james

Grizzly Meet and Greet, August 2011

                                 grizzlymeet1  grizzlymeet2  

Koala Mixer, August 2011

                                mixer one  mixer2

Panda Year End Snack, August 2011

         panda1  panda2

Corn husking

                                           corn husking  corn husking two

Polar Breakfast, August 2011

                                              polar breakfast  polar breakfast 2

Teddy Picnic, August 2011

                                                 tedpic1  tedpic2

Woolly Breakfast, August 2011

                                                    woollybreakfast  woollybreakfast

Woolly Ice Cream Social, August 2011

                                      icecream  icecream

Abiyoyo Returns

                                       ar  ar2

Arbor Day

                                       arbor day  arbor day 2

Bike Parade 2011

             bike parade  bike parade 2

Woolly Bear Circus

             woolly circus  woolly circus 2



Archived pictures from past events

To see general pictures of children and staff at DCCCC visit the Photo Album


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Last Updated: 8/26/11