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Dartmouth Kicks of Its 2013 Cricket Season.

March 16 2013 marked the official start of Dartmouth College Cricket Club’s 2013 cricket season as the team visited fellow Ivy league institute, Princeton for a T20 tournament between Dartmouth, Princeton and Cornell. Dartmouth’s team was a young and inexperienced one, with over half the players never having played for Dartmouth before.

Dartmouth vs Princeton: A Close Encounter in Snow.

  DCCC vs Princeton CC

The morning of March 16th, Dartmouth played its first match of 2013 against Princeton. The temperature was below freezing and there was the threat of snow looming in the background. Having won the toss, Dartmouth elected to field first. Dartmouth bowlers bowled very well, keeping a good line and making it hard for the Princeton batsmen to score against them. A few dropped catches in severely cold weather conditions allowed Princeton to capitalize and get to a score of 136/4 in 20 overs.

The score seemed to be about par score on this ground and the match could still go either way. Dartmouth’s innings was opened by batsmen Ajay and Rahul. Dartmouth’s batsmen ensured that the run-rate was maintained throughout the innings, but unfortunately wickets kept falling at regular intervals. In addition to that in the second half of the innings weather conditions deteriorated and it actually started to snow. Some performances to note were Rahul’s who kept one end stable for about half the innings while batsmen at the other end kept getting out and Awais’ whose aggressive innings consisted of 4 boundaries from 4 consecutive balls. Unfortunately, Dartmouth fell short and ended up at 123/10 in 18.4 overs.

Video of the final moments of the match showing the last efforts of Dartmouth batsmen Hassan Kiani and Faizan Kanji to take Dartmouth home to the target:

Result: Princeton beat Dartmouth by 13 runs.

Dartmouth vs Cornell: Tough Day for Dartmouth.

The following morning on March 17th, Dartmouth was scheduled to play Cornell. Despite being one man short for the match, Dartmouth took the field as Cornell batted first. With some very powerful and aggressive batting performances Cornell reached a score of 186/5 in their 20 overs. To add insult to injury, Dartmouth player Khizer was injured while taking a catch and had to be taken to the hospital.

Facing this huge target, Dartmouth batsmen tried to go for a positive start as Captain Awais promoted himself up the order and opened the innings. Unfortunately, Cornell bowlers bowled with a lot of discipline and managed to take regular wickets. Dartmouth only managed to limp to 100/9 in their 20 overs.

Result: Cornell beat Dartmouth by 86 runs.

Despite the tour being disappointing for Dartmouth in terms of results, the players were happy to start the cricket season. All players had a wonderful time on the tour and Princeton Cricket Club members were splendid hosts! After two days of good cricket and new friendships Dartmouth came back home happy and more determined to succeed in future matches.

Written by: Faizan Kanji

Today's date: Monday, August 19th 2019.


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