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Native Peoples

This is a list of some of the educational materials used at Dartmouth College/Dartmouth Medical School in courses, seminars, and other educational sessions on the topic of alcohol and other drug use and diverse native peoples.


Available Here:


  • The Broken Cord.
    Television production. Initially aired on ABC, Monday Feb. 3, 1992.
    Writing credits (WGA): Michael Dorris (book); Ann Beckett (teleplay).
  • For the Honour of All.
    Produced by Phil Lucas Productions, Inc. (206) 392-9482 for Alkali Lake Indian Band. (250) 440-5611.
  • Hope for Children of Alcoholics.
    National Association for Native American Children of Alcoholics.
  • Poundmaker's Lodge: A Healing Place. Recorded 8/20/98.
    Directed and written by Alanis Obomsawin; produced by Alanis Obomsawin, Marrin Canell, Robert Verrall.National Film Board of Canada -- New York City Office.
    National Film Board of Canada Library, 22-D Hollywood Avenue, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423. U.S.A. Phone number: (800) 542-2164 Fax Number: (201) 652-1973. E-mail:
    Abstract: Poundmaker's Lodge is a treatment center for Native Americans. Designed to generate discussion about alcohol and other drug use treatment, this video gives historical perspectives of Native American addiction along with family experiences and testimonials.
  • The Red Road: Native American Paths to Recovery. (Audio)
    Brooks, Dick and Peggy Berryhill, editors. Hazelden Foundation. #5634. (800) 328-9000.
  • Smoke Signals.
  • Wisdom of the Dream. Volume 3 - "A World of Dreams."
    Produced and directed by Stephen Segaller. Abstract: Offers an understanding of the concepts of psychoanalyst Carl Jung; segment on Jung's concepts of the importance of spirituality in recovery from dependence on alcohol/other drugs.
    The videos in this series are available either as a set or separately through a number of vendors: Barnes & Noble (sold separately) - $20 each. ** web site currently lists title as "In Stock:Ships within 2-3 days." (sold separately) - $25 each.


This is a preliminary list of links to websites that may provide helpful information on the subject of diverse indigenous peoples, health and alcohol/other drug use.

There are student and faculty members of the Dartmouth Center on Addiction, Recovery and Education at Dartmouth College/Dartmouth Medical School familiar with some of these sites, not all. Sites will be cross-referenced.


  • Alvord, Lori Arviso. The Scalpel and the Silver Bear.
  • Dorris, Michael. The Broken Cord.
  • Duran, Eduardo. Transforming the Soul Wound.
  • Duran, Eduardo and Bonnie. Native American Postcolonial Psychology.
  • Garrod, Andrew and Colleen Larimore, editors. First Person, First Peoples.
    • A chapter by Nicole Adams: "My Grandmother and the Snake" from First Person, First Peoples: Native American College Graduates Tell Their Life Stories, edited by Andrew Garrod and Colleen Larimore. © Copyright 1997 by Cornell University. Used by permission of the author, editors and publisher, Cornell University Press. (2.63MB PDF file)
  • Erdrich, Louise. Love Medicine.
  • Leland, Joy. Firewater Myths: North American Indian Drinking and Alcohol Addiction.
  • Mancall, Peter C. Deadly Medicine: Indians and Alcohol in Early America.
  • Shkilnyk, Anastasia M. A Poison Stronger than Love. Foreword by Kai Erikson.
  • Wallace, Anthony C. The Death and Rebirth of the Seneca.

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