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What's the Rush? on Marijuana Legalization

A number of States have legislation pending that, if passed, would make marijuana legal and widely available for recreational use. On March 26th, 2014 the legislature of New Hampshire defeated a bill which would have legalized marijuana for recreational use.
While there are some thoughtful theoretical arguments on both sides of this issue, we do not in fact know the public health and social consequences of legalizing marijuana. Two States, Colorado and Washington, have already legalized marijuana for recreational use.
We believe it is prudent to observe the health and social impact of these experiments for at least five years before other States make decisions on legalization. If you agree, feel free to use or adapt any of the tools below for use in your community; these were used by various N.H. organizations in advocating to defer further consideration of marijuana legalization until we have more evidence of the consequences.

What's the Rush? (Brief poster/flyer enumerating potential health risks)
What's the Rush? (Design for campaign button)
Candy or Marijuana? (Candy & card to raise awareness of child risks with MJ edibles)
What You Need to Know About HB 492. (Specific to the 2014 NH MJ legalization bill but with persuasive pics of child-appealing products and addressing concerns that may be relevant to others)

Last Updated: 3/28/14