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Help in an Emergency

What to Do in an Alcohol or Drug Emergency

If you think a person has had too much alcohol or other drug(s) and you are wondering whether you need help, call for help. Alcohol poisoning and other drug overdoses can kill.

  • Call 911. If this emergency is occurring on the Dartmouth campus, also call Safety and Security at (603) 646-3333.
  • While waiting for help:
    • Stay with the individual
    • Protect him or her from injury without jeopardizing your own safety
    • Keep him or her warm
    • If he or she can sit up/or stand try to keep him or her upright to reduce risk of choking on vomit.
    • If he or she must lie down, turn him or her on their side with face angled to the floor to reduce risk of choking.
    • Gather as much information as possible:
      • How much alcohol and/or other drugs has he or she used over what time period?
      • Is he or she on any medications?
      • Does he or she have any medical or psychiatric problems?
      • Has he or she been injured?
    • Observe his or her breathing
    • Be prepared to begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation if respiration stops. If you do not know CPR, call out in case someone nearby does.
  • Be confident in your decision to get help. Caring enough is never wrong.

Last Updated: 7/7/09