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Dartmouth Center on Addiction, Recovery & Education

7764 Parker House
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: 603-646-9215
Fax: 603-646-9151

Alumni Committee

Committee Members

  • Planning CouncilHowland Russell Chair
  • Hartley Webster Vice-Chair
  • William DeJong
  • Jeff Hinman
  • J. Michael Houlahan
  • Peter Knox
  • Mark Logan
  • Aurora Matzkin
  • Gail Nelson
  • Amish Parashar
  • Janet Rebman
  • Suzanne Semmes
  • Bill Sjogren
  • Dow Stewart
  • Jay Whitehair
  • Ed Willi

Committee Mission and Goals

The mission of the DCARE Alumni Committee is to support students, trainees and alumni of Dartmouth College, Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center who struggle with alcohol and/or other drug problems and to work towards the prevention of harmful use of alcohol and drugs on these campuses.


  • Advocacy for alcohol and other drug prevention and recovery programs
  • Leadership in developing recovery resources
  • Mentorship to persons struggling with alcohol and/or other drug problems
  • Development of financial resources to address substance use issues


  • Continue to develop the Dartmouth Forum on Recovery
  • Report on the need for, and feasibility of, developing
    • A residential sober house for Dartmouth students in recovery
    • AA and Al-Anon meetings on the Dartmouth campus
  • Provide and/or participate in program at June reunion

Ongoing activities

  • Offer programs for reunions and club gatherings
  • Compile recovery stories of alumni and family members
  • Advocacy for development of an Addiction Studies Program
  • Advocacy for course Alcohol and Addiction Medicine

Alumni Forum on Recovery at Dartmouth


Last Updated: 12/8/08