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Joseph O'Donnell


Joe O'Donnell graduated from Harvard College in 1969 and came to Dartmouth Medical School for his first two years of medical school. He finished medical school in 1973, receiving his M.D. from Harvard. Joe returned to Hanover to do his residency in internal medicine from 1973-76. He decided to subspecialize in medical oncology and did a fellowship at the NCI from 1976-78. He then assumed the position of chief of medical oncology at the White River Junction VA Hospital, where he has practiced medicine since 1978. Joe lives in Hanover with his wife Janice, a physical education teacher at the elementary school, and his four children (Katie, Jenny, Beth, and Michael).

Always interested in medical education and student life, Joe served as the Associate Dean for Student Affairs from 1987-95. A Professor of Medicine, Joe directs the second-year hematology course and enjoys being a facilitator for small group learning in the On Doctoring and Health, Society and the Physician courses. He changed roles in 1995 and assumed the titles of Senior Advising Dean and Director of Community Programs (DMS), reflecting his interests in human values aspects of medicine, prevention, ethical issues, and the medical humanities.

As a medical oncologist and community activist, Joe has a longstanding interest in strategies at the individual and community policy level to prevent illness, disability, and death. He has worked vigorously to address the issues of substance use, overweight, and obesity, and to promote healthy lifestyles. He chairs the advisory group for the DCARE Program and is dedicated to helping that group produce evidence-based, replicable materials to lessen the impact of substance use/abuse in individuals, in our local community, in the nation, and the world.

Last Updated: 3/13/14