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Amish Parashar


Amish Parashar D '03 Th '03
Thayer School of Engineering
Dartmouth College

C. Everett Koop Fellow in Addiction Medicine Studies
Dartmouth Center for Addiction, Recovery, and Education

Amish is an Engineering Sciences/Biology major. In June of 2003 he will receive both his undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in Engineering (Biomedical). Amish's medical service work has taken him to three continents and includes founding a medical clinic and co-founding an International Non-Governmental Organization.

In addition to Amish's Biomedical Engineering research interests, he has been involved in aerospace reseach including co-founding of the Dartmouth Satellite Project. While participating in clinical and academic research Amish developed an interest in dialogue promoting cross-cultural approaches to healing. On his third trip to Costa Rica he investigated a successful healing model that combined multiple therapeutic methods including native healing practices and professional counseling. This was employed by the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation in the addiction treatment of former children of the street. Amish holds a US patent and has authored a number of professional publications in engineering and medicine. He is excited to share his Central American findings with the scientific community by preparing a manuscript for publication.

Amish is currently working on perfecting an intra-operative measurement technique and the development of an implantable medical device.

After graduation Amish will pursue graduate training in Public Health.

Amish wishes to express his deep thanks to Dr. C. Everett Koop and Dr. Gail Nelson for their unwavering support and encouragement throughout his Dartmouth career.

Last Updated: 3/13/14