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Teaching Language and Culture

The Language and Culture discussion group, which named itself TALK (Talking about Language and Kulture), met twice last term. The meetings were well attended and generated insightful discussion on the status of the teaching and learning of languages at Dartmouth. We touched upon topics such as language class size, language requirement, assessment, professional development, faculty peer review practices and more.  This group responds to the need of establishing and nurturing a space for sharing and communicating knowledge, experience, and practice in teaching and learning language and culture.  In the 2013 winter term, we will meet the last Thursday of each month (January 31st and February 28th).

Whether this term you are teaching language, culture, or literature, please join us and bring your ideas and your experience to the table.

Please check our Blackboard organization Teaching Language and Culture Seminar  for notes from the previous meetings.

Last Updated: 1/8/13