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Teaching Language and Culture

The Teaching Language and Culture Seminar (TLC, also known as TALK or "Talking About Language and Kulture") was started by faculty in the language departments who wanted to meet regularly and talk about teaching. This seminar is an opportunity for faculty who teach languages to get together, propose ideas, share teaching practices that work, and discuss issues that matter to the profession. The group usually meets monthly for 90 minutes to discuss topics decided on by the group or brought to campus by invited guests. Examples of past sessions include:

Integrating Focus on Form in the Communicative Foreign Language Classroom
What is the place of form-focused instruction in a meaning-based communicative language teaching? How can raising awareness towards form support language learning? In this workshop we will explore these and other related issues, including error correction techniques.

Using Social Media in the Foreign Language Classroom
In this workshop will explore how the use of social media in language teaching can enhance classroom discussion in the Target Language and function as a means of cultural immersion.

Recent years have also included a Language Professional Development Day in the fall and a Language Share Fair in winter term that have been co-sponsored by DCAL, the Associate Dean of Humanities, and the Departments of French & Italian, Spanish & Portuguese, and Asian & Middle Eastern Languages and Literature. The Professional Development Day has been developed around invited speakers such as Stacey Katz Bourns, Director of Language Programs in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard University, where she teaches courses in French and SLA, in 2013 and Virginia Scott, Chair of the Department of French and Italian at Vanderbilt University and Academic Director of the Center for Second Language Studies, in 2015. Each Language Share Fair has included short sessions by over a dozen Dartmouth language faculty members.

The regular programming for the Teaching Language and Culture Seminar is currently on hiatus, but DCAL continues to support language faculty and encourages attendance at other DCAL events.

What People are Saying

"Teaching Language and Culture provides an atmosphere conducive to discussion."

"As usual, the exchange of ideas and pedagogical perspectives in the TLC seminar was very productive."

"The purpose of attending workshops is not so much for using what I learned in class for me. It is a great opportunity to evaluate what I have been doing and see if I can improve."

Last Updated: 10/1/15