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Gateway Initiative

The Provost's Office, in collaboration with the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL) and Academic Computing, is excited to offer a new opportunity to support the redesign of certain courses.This effort is aimed at enhancing learning and classroom pedagogy in 'gateway' courses, i. e. courses that are required for entry into the discipline and have large enrollments by necessity, but not by design. For more information, please go to the Gateway Initiative page

Interpreting Your Course Evaluations and Using Them for Professional Development

A brief guide to help you with the difficult task of reviewing your teaching evaluation report

Syllabus and Course Design

DCAL is pleased to offer one-on-one consultations on syllabus and course design for your specific needs.  Especially useful for new faculty members, we can help you design syllabi and course descriptions that effectively communicate your teaching goals and make good use of the teaching resources at Dartmouth.  Call or e-mail for an appointment ( or 603 646-2655).

DCAL Offers One-to-One Consulting on Teaching

Call on DCAL for a range of individual services in support of your teaching: course and syllabus design, Blackboard course management, audio and video recording of your class, troubleshooting of any kind. The director and the associate directors are ready to review recordings and class visits with you in complete confidence. This is an excellent way to prepare for the more formal visits your department may conduct, and it is always a reinvigorating experience. For details, contact

Support for Grants

DCAL can help with education and outreach component of research grants - or connect you with people on campus who can help. Call or e-mail for an appointment ( or 603 646-2655).

Special Consultations

You may consult with the DCAL Director or Associate Director at any time on individual problems that may arise in your classes.  We have helped people with issues of academic dishonesty, disrespectful behavior, and incidents that have threatened to destroy the atmosphere of mutual respect and trust that effective teaching requires.  We are alert to concerns about diversity, accessibility and different learning styles.  All one-on-one consultations with DCAL staff remain strictly confidential.  Call or e-mail for an appointment ( or 603 646-2655).

Last Updated: 4/29/14