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In addition to DCAL's sponsored Initiatives, we offer several consulting services pertinent to teaching and learning:

One-to-One Consulting on Teaching

Syllabus and Course Design

DCAL is pleased to offer one-on-one consultations on syllabus and course design for your specific needs. Especially useful for new faculty members, we can help you design syllabi and course descriptions that effectively communicate your teaching goals and make good use of the teaching resources at Dartmouth. Call or e-mail for an appointment ( or 603-646-2655).

Low-Residency/Online Learning Initiatives

DCAL provides consulting and assistance for schools, programs, departments, or centers at the College that wish to investigate or initiate a low-residency or online program.  DCAL works to connect people and resources currently involved in low-residency/online initiatives at the College, in order to share expertise and, where appropriate, resources.  Please email Joshua Kim, Director of Digital Learning Initiatives, at

Special Consultations

You may consult with the DCAL Director or Associate Directors at any time on individual problems that may arise in your classes. We have helped people with issues of academic dishonesty, disrespectful behavior, and incidents that have threatened to destroy the atmosphere of mutual respect and trust that effective teaching requires. We are alert to concerns about diversity, accessibility and different learning styles. All one-on-one consultations with DCAL staff remain strictly confidential. Call or e-mail for an appointment ( or 603-646-2655).

Support for Grants

DCAL can help with education and outreach component of research grants - or connect you with people on campus who can help. Call or e-mail for an appointment ( or 603-646-2655).

Last Updated: 1/14/16