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Extensions and Incompletes

Students will often ask for extensions on due dates for assignments in your class.  You may make any reasonable policies regarding extensions on due dates.  You will be expected to make accommodations in cases of documented disabilities, sickness, and severe family hardships.  It's a good idea to formulate simple policies, as clear as possible and include them on your syllabus.

Incompletes require more formal measures involving a dean and the registrar.  The registrar's regulations say:

A student who is not able to take a final examination or otherwise complete a course on time due to illness or other compelling cause must work with the instructor and the Dean of the College Office to make arrangements for an Incomplete well in advance of the examination or other deadline. (

Students awarded a grade of Incomplete must agree to complete the course by a specific date; you may specify this date.  Once the work is complete and submitted and graded, you may change the student's grade from "I" to a letter grade simply by sending an e-mail to the registrar.  If you do not change the grade, it will automatically become an "E" or failing grade.

Last Updated: 2/29/16