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Classrooms and Classroom Technology Services

Scheduling a Classroom

Regularly scheduled classes are assigned to rooms by the registrar and requests for rooms are coordinated by the administrator(s) in your department or program, but you will want to know more about how different classrooms are equipped, where they are, and how to reserve them for special events and extra class periods. Be aware that some classrooms will fit your teaching style and your students' learning styles better than others. Do you want a seminar format? fixed seating or moveable chairs? bright data displays or blackboards? Visit the classroom you've been assigned before the term begins and if it will not suit your needs, you may want to request a change or adapt the room's features in some way.

Equipment Standards for Classrooms—classrooms at Dartmouth are equipped in lots of different ways; find out all your options here. For more information about the range of teaching facilities and how to get training and access, see Teaching Facilities. DCAL can help you become comfortable plugging in your own laptop to classroom display systems; e-mail Elaine Livingston for an appointment.

Classroom Technology Services manages all classroom technology, from design to access and training.

Canvas Course Management System

Canvas is an easy-to-use system for creating and managing course Web sites. All teaching faculty and students automatically have accounts on the system. To use Canvas, go to and log in using your BlitzMail user name and password; this is the same as your Dartmouth Name Directory (DND) name and password.

Curricular Computing offers workshops, one-on-one training, and consulting for faculty who want to get started using Canvas for their courses. Find out more at their website. DCAL also offers one-on-one consultations that will help you transfer your course materials to a Canvas site and start to expand your use of this valuable teaching and communication tool; e-mail Elaine Livingston for an appointment.

Banner Student Information System

Banner Student is the registrar's system for organizing student information, enrollments, degree audits, and advising groups. The system is integrated with Canvas, but you may also access it independently. You may view your class lists, and your advisee lists and lots of other useful information maintained by the registrar. NB: in your first year, you are not expected to advise first-year students. Log in using your NetID and password.

Last Updated: 9/1/15