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Future Faculty Teaching Series

The purpose of this 5-part workshop series is to introduce graduate students and postdocs who are considering an academic career to teaching. Students will be exposed to educational literature and the elements of course design. They will also have a chance to practice teaching and to evaluate teaching by others. The session topics are principles of learning, lesson design, collaborative learning, critical moments in class, and practice teaching. Participants are asked to attend all five parts (usually 6 meetings) and will receive a certificate of completion.

This series is offered at least two times per year.

Participants in the series have said:

"This series is an excellent primer on teaching and covers concepts that I am able to immediately apply to my teaching toolbox. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in refining their teaching skills or has no experience and wants to start learning more about teaching."

"... even for an experienced teacher, it gives more options and ideas on different learning and teaching techniques."

"I enjoyed listening to other people's opinions in different fields - different perspectives were brought together in one classroom."

Last Updated: 5/5/16