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TA Workshop Series and Teaching Network

DCAL has offered a series of workshops for TAs each fall and now we are piloting a campus-wide TA Orientation.  The workshop series and TA Orientation sessions are led by experienced TAs who can share what they have learned.  See the workshop sign-ups for grad students and postdocs for details about when this will be offered.

Based on DCAL’s Teaching Network for faculty to visit each other's classes, the TA teaching network is an opportunity for people with current TA responsibilities to see what other TAs do in the classroom, lab, review sessions or office hours.   If you’re willing to have someone sit in on one of your sessions and/or you would like to see others in action, email Cindy Tobery to join the network.  Perhaps you can “steal” some ideas or give some good hints.  We’ll coordinate visits during the introductory meeting of the group.


Resources for TAs (all of these links will open in new pages)

Dartmouth's Graduate Student Handbook

The section on academic misconduct and regulations is especially relevant for TAs

Dartmouth's Academic Honor Principle and document on Sources & Citations

Yale's book Becoming Teachers: The Graduate Student Guide to Teaching at Yale - while this is Yale-specific, you may find some useful ideas here

MIT's The Torch or the Firehose - a humorous and useful look at section teaching

Harvard's site for Teaching Fellows - this link is specific about Classroom Issues and Students in Trouble

The Library's Education & Outreach committee's Teaching Reflection page

Last Updated: 10/6/15