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DCAL Teaching Fellowships

The scholarship on teaching and learning has grown in both quality and quantity in recent years. New modes of teaching and new tools for learning appear with increasing frequency. Recognizing that faculty normally do not have enough time to re-think and re-design courses and teaching methods in light of these advances, DCAL Fellowships provide course relief (one course) and staff support for a term-long effort to improve teaching and learning in a particular course. DCAL will support a broad range of proposals. Recent successful projects have enabled or enhanced access to library and online resources, improved student-to-student and student-teacher interaction, enabled teaching and learning partnerships between colleagues as well as across disciplines and institutions. Others have used IT to develop better learning and assessment tools. We are particularly eager to support proposals that benefit from and contribute to the growing body of scholarship on teaching and learning (see the Carnegie Foundation bibliography) and can serve as both examples and encouragement to other teachers. Proposals that focus on purposeful applications of information technology may also find support from the Computing Technology Venture Fund; DCAL Fellowships grant time and the Venture Fund can provide money. DCAL Fellows enjoy a one-course reduction in the year of the award. Academic Computing and the Library will assign staff members to support the project. Fellows are expected to hire a student to bring that important perspective to the project. Fellows and their project teams meet regularly with the DCAL director to share ideas, information, and encourage each other’s progress. The fellowship will not include funds for hardware purchases, or any wages or salaries other than the student member of the project team. A small pool of funds is available to each fellow to help purchase necessary software and license agreements. The chief benefit of the fellowship is the time realized by a one-course reduction in teaching for the year.

Last Updated: 9/17/08