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Travel Grants and Fellowships

Travel Grants for Attending Teaching Conferences

Description: Travel grants of up to $1000 are designed to support and encourage attendance at off-campus workshops or seminars on pedagogy or conferences directly related to pedagogy and devoted to the applicant's professional development as a teacher. These events may be discipline-specific or higher education pedagogy-focused. The purpose of participation must be directly related to improving instruction in Dartmouth courses and programs.

Eligibility: Any Dartmouth faculty, graduate student and professional staff who are directly involved with student instruction.

Selection Criteria: Funds will be awarded to applicants who make a clear case for how attendance will contribute to their pedagogy, course design, or understanding of student learning.

Application and Award Process:

  • Complete the application for DCAL Travel Grant
  • Secure the signature of the chair, program director or dean confirming that the applicant is eligible for a travel grant and that the travel falls outside the normal scope of the departmental budget.
  • Submit the application to DCAL via email (, fax (603-646-6906) or campus mail (HB 6247).
  • If you are approved for the grant, you will be required to submit original itemized receipts for reimbursement after the event has taken place. These should be sent to Elaine Livingston at DCAL. All receipts must be submitted in the fiscal year in which the travel occurs.
  • Awardees will be expected to share their learning with the faculty and teaching and learning community through DCAL
  • Applications must be submitted prior to the conference or meeting; no retroactive applications will be considered.

Past Teaching Fellows and Projects

(DCAL previously had funds for faculty to redesign their courses or related materials)

2008-2009 Lorie Loeb

2007-2008 Ivy Schweitzer and Douglas Moody

2006-2007 Jeffrey Ruoff

2005-2006 Mark Williams

2003-2004 Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, John S. Winn, Pamela Crossley

2002-2003 Dale A. Turner, Adrian W. B. Randolph, Hua-yuan Li Mowry, Kenneth Bogart

2001-2002 Thomas H. Luxon, Brian Chaboyer

Last Updated: 4/3/14