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2006-2007 DCAL Fellow

Professor Jeffrey Ruoff named DCAL Fellow for2006-2007


The Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL) is pleased to announce that Jeffrey Ruoff, Assistant Professor in the Department of Film and Television Studies, will enjoy a DCAL Fellowship for Teaching and Technology in the summer term of 2006. DCAL Fellowships enable Dartmouth professors to develop and apply specific technological solutions to a particular teaching problem or challenge.  With a reduced course load and the support of professionals in curricular computing, media production and the library, Professor Ruoff will concentrate on learning to adopt sophisticated graphics software for his course in documentary and experimental videomaking, Film Studies 30 and 36.

Along with updating his software and digital editing skills, Professor Ruoff plans to re-design the website he uses for his courses so that students can use it to share their videos online, creating vlogs (video blogs).  Students will also be able to prepare for class critiques by viewing each other's work on the course website, allowing Ruoff and his students to use their classroom time more effectively.  The site will also showcase an archive of student videos for use on- and off-campus. DCAL offers the fellowships annually to assistant, associate and full professors in the Arts & Sciences.  For more information about the fellowships and application procedures, please see the DCAL Fellowship page.   

Last Updated: 9/17/08