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2001-2002 DCAL Fellows

Thomas H. Luxon, English.  Professor Luxon used his fellowship to continue development of a web-based edition of John Milton's poetry and selected prose — the John Milton Reading Room.  He completed the editing and annotating of all of Milton's poetry in English, Latin, and Italian.  With the help of Barbara Knauff and Mark O'Neil in Curricular Computing, he re-cast the site from HTML to XHTML.  The Milton Reading Room satisfies thousands of requests for resources each day from Milton students, teachers and readers around the world.

Brian Chaboyer, Physics and Astronomy.  Professor Chaboyer set up two new optical telescopes on the roof of Wilder Hall for remote use by astronomy students.  He also introduced a simple, user-friendly program that allows students to analyze digital images of the night sky.  With the help of Susan Schwartz in Curricular Computing, he also built a web-based client for easy access to a stellar evolution computer simulation, now known as the Dartmouth Stellar Evolution Web Server.  This java applet is a unique resource for teaching students about the evolution of stars.

Last Updated: 9/18/12