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Ethan & Jennie at DATS: Saturday, April 9

DATS and Northern Stage are pleased to host a day of tango with Ethan Plunkett and Jennie Riley of Boston




2-5 PM Beginner Workshop

7-8:30 PM Intermediate Workshop "Freeing the Leg & Staying Connected"

8:30- Midnight Milonga (with DJ Ethan Plunkett)


About Ethan & Jennie:

Jennie Riley has been a dancer her entire life, bringing to tango a foundation of ballet, modern, contact improvisation and couples dancing. She has studied in Buenos Aires and with teachers throughout the U.S.

Ethan, an Upper Valley native and life long dancer, has taught dance since 1997 and Argentine Tango since 2003. He spent seven months in Buenos Aires studying Tango intensively both in classes and at Milongas. He enjoys dancing the broad array of styles and techniques that make up Argentine Tango and teaches with an emphasis on the connection between partners and to the music that unites all of those styles. Ethan has had many influences but recognizes Silvio La Via as his most importnat teacher.

They have taught together in New England since 2005.