Jan 182012

Coming back to Dartmouth after a wonderful Christmas was bittersweet. It’s amazing to be back and I missed everyone but it is never easy leaving home. What I’ve found most challenging about this term though has been getting organised. Last term was all about settling down at Dartmouth and getting to know the place a little better. But coming back for Winter term a whole new set of problems are thrown at you: MAJORS, DPLANS, INTERNSHIPS, SUMMER PLANS, APPLICATIONS!!!! Etc. It never ends.

I’ve been struggling to sort out my d-plan. It may seem like I am doing this pre-maturely but, as an international student, there are a whole lot of visa requirements which take a little bit of thinking about. Luckily, this week I’ve really been able to find out about and use the resources that are available to help students figure this all out.

You will hear all about them during orientation and – maybe, like me – you might forget about them completely during fall term which is a silly, silly thing to do. The undergraduate deans. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the most helpful office on campus. I went to go see my assigned Dean (deans are assigned to different freshman clusters and they send out newsletters and important notices that you should not delete from your blitz!). I don’t know what I was expecting as I ventured to the 2nd floor of Baker Library and tentatively stepped into the Undergraduate Dean office. Dean Hoyt turned out to be the friendliest person and she was so attentive and helpful – it truly brightened up my day. This may sound a little exaggerated but you might have picked up that I was getting a little overwhelmed by everything Dartmouth. Dean Hoyt really helped me sort out thoughts in my own head, but also answered questions I had about majors/dplans/applications. It was really great to be able to talk through my academic life and what – at this stage – I want to achieve at Dartmouth and how I can go about doing that.

The result of my meeting was that I came out a lot happier and I just felt more on top of my already crammed to-do list.

Jan 042012

As Ajay pointed out below, this winter is brutal. I’m from the Midwest and I know what cold is. Or at least I thought I did. And then, I come back to Dartmouth and my oh my, I have now realized what it means when people say your hair will freeze. Plus leaving your fingers exposed to cold air for a few minutes makes you understand what frostbite might just feel like. But, now that I have sufficiently scared you, I do have to tell you brilliant prospies, about how awesome winter term is shaping up to be!!!

Not to say that I didn’t love Fall Term. Fall term made me think of Dartmouth, finally, as home. And over break, I felt that even more. I missed everything from going to classes to Late Night Collis milkshakes to 2am studying in the Dr. Seuss room. But, winter term is so different and maybe, even better? I get to see old friends, make new ones, and basically learn more and more about all the wonderful people who come to Dartmouth and how they ended up here.

And that’s why despite this weather and despite being bundled up in the most obnoxious snow gear, I’m also happy. So far my classes seem really interesting, and I’m far too busy interning at the Financial Aid office and training to be an Eating Disorder Peer Advisor, but it’s exactly what I want to be.

In one degree weather. :)*


*I meant to take a picture, but then realized it hasn’t snowed and it’s sunny. So it looks like 50 degrees outside when in actuality, it’s below freezing.