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Homecoming in more ways than one

Homecoming in more ways than one

I apologize for not posting much recently! But coming back from Washington D.C. to a week’s worth of school work was not fun. Let’s just say that week 4 (combined with my work from week 3) definitely took the juice out of me. I arrived […]

The ’19s are coming! The ’19s are coming!

Although I never want to admit that I’m getting older, I can’t deny that a new class is joining the ranks! And while I do not know whether to be jealous of all the love they will be showered with in the coming year or […]

Welcome Home, ’18s!

“You know, you really don’t have to check the second they put it up. You already got into some decent schools. Don’t worry about whatever that letter will say.” “Yes ma’am, I know…” “Good. Then you can get off of your phone and check when […]


Yo 16s. You’re looking fine. I see you. Okay that’s a tad creepy, but congratulations on getting into Dartmouth!!!!!!!!!! Looking back, senior year was certainly a dramatic year for me. I didn’t know where I was supposed to go, and I really felt that there […]