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Late Nights, Labs, and Long Hikes

Late Nights, Labs, and Long Hikes

I always try to stay in contact with my friends back home, it’s a great way to avoid homesickness and remember your roots. But lately, I’ve been receiving tons of texts inquiring about just how difficult an Ivy League education must be. I feel like […]

Finals Week at Dartmouth: Ways to Relax

Finals Week at Dartmouth: Ways to Relax

We usually have class until the Tuesday of week 10 of the term, and then we are given a reading period to begin studying for finals. Depending on your class schedule, you may have finals on Friday and Saturday, or none until Sunday. Your professors […]

It’s okay to ask for help!

Let me be the first one to tell all you Prospective and Early Decision students that college is HARDER than high school. No, but seriously, it’s hard. You will no longer be able to do your spanish homework in the hallways on your way to […]

Studying, Studying, Yeah!

Three papers and no exams? Erin writes about her first Dartmouth finals week.

Not in Kansas

High school was a breeze. The classes were easy, the assignments laughable, and the tests were mildly challenging. I thought Dartmouth would be a little different. I had heard college was different and was expecting it to be a little harder. A little more of […]

We Are Not Alone

Ajay discovers the benefits of study tutorials and office hours.

The Magical Feeling

Faizan reflects on some of the magical moments of his first month at Dartmouth.