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Diary of a Dartmouth Pre-Med

Diary of a Dartmouth Pre-Med

I’m going to start with a disclaimer: the Pre-Health track at Dartmouth is not easy. Many a time, I have been on the struggle bus and questioned why I chose it. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible or that it’s not worth it. If […]

How Dartmouth Financed Our Adventures

How Dartmouth Financed Our Adventures

Do you have an idea you have always wanted to realize? A pipe dream that has always seemed out of the question? Whether your curiosity concerns outdoor adventures or international projects, academic research or personal reflection, Dartmouth has funds to facilitate your initiative. To get […]

Notes from a Dartmouth Senior Citizen

Notes from a Dartmouth Senior Citizen

Hey everyone! My name is Adina Harri, and I am a member of the class of 2018 at Dartmouth originally hailing from Starkville, Mississippi.  As part of my contribution to this blog as a Senior Admissions Fellow, I hope to outline how Dartmouth has  shaped […]

Research Funding  Opportunities @Dartmouth

Research Funding Opportunities @Dartmouth

You will be able to find funding for almost anything you want to pursue Dartmouth. For on campus research, Dartmouth offers funding to do research with professors on campus in their field from our numerous research labs for the natural sciences to running clinical trials […]

A Library is A Student’s Best Friend

The Library; the heart of any college campus. At Dartmouth, a place where students chat, study, grab coffee, cut through for warmth when it’s cold, and sometimes spend very late nights. The Dartmouth College Library is also a center for building knowledge, discovery, and creativity […]

Still Exploring

So I’m sitting here writing this blog post for you all from the Jones Media Center, a place I was not really acquainted with until this term. Not only is it my new super secret study nook, it has unbelievable resources and technology to help you with […]

Guest Welcome: Professor David Bucci

David Bucci is an Associate Professor of Psychological and Brain Studies at Dartmouth Congratulations on your admission to Dartmouth! In my opinion, attending college is all about having transformational learning experiences in which you discover and nurture your true life passion.  Doing so requires ‘learning […]

Guest Wecome: Professor Kathy Cottingham

Kathy Cottingham is a Professor of Biological Sciences at Dartmouth. Dear Class of 2016: Welcome to Dartmouth!  I hope you give us a close look! I do research and teach ecology and biostatistics in the Department of Biological Sciences, which is housed within the wonderful […]

Studying, Studying, Yeah!

Three papers and no exams? Erin writes about her first Dartmouth finals week.