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An eye-opening outside-the-class academic experience

An eye-opening outside-the-class academic experience

Last Sunday, I had the most extraordinary academic experience in my life. It was 7 in the evening, and I still had a decent 7 chapters of Hemingway and 1 chapter of micro econ reading due the next morning (one week in college and I […]

Dimensions for the Class of 2020

Dimensions for the Class of 2020

Today marks the close for this year’s Dimensions Programming. Campus was flowing with students carrying Dartmouth 2020 envelopes and newly gifted Dartmouth water bottles. There were even current students, like myself,  scattered throughout campus wearing Dimensions Ambassador shirts that read something like “Lost? Have questions? […]

Summer almost Over?

I promise I’ll keep this one short and sweet. With the summer quarter almost over and finals beyond the horizon, the pace of Dartmouth life has been swift with great impact. Looking back, it surprises me just how much the classes here have engaged and […]

Super Sixteens!

Hey guys! First of all CONGRATULATIONS on getting into Dartmouth. Here’s a link to my post to the early decision sixteens. Much of this applies to all of you as well. http://www.dartmouth.edu/~dartmouthdirect/2011/12/to-the-sixteens/ Over the next few weeks you guys will be making one of the […]

Courses, Schedules, and D-Plans Galore

Ajay writes about his obsession with course selection. No one’s judging, we swear!

Professors at Dartmouth

One of the reasons that I chose Dartmouth was because I heard that students really get to know their professors, and I haven’t been disappointed.  As a first-year student, I expected some larger classes, so I thought that I wouldn’t get to interact with my […]

We Are Not Alone

Ajay discovers the benefits of study tutorials and office hours.