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#TravelThursdays: Language Study Abroad in Santander, Spain

#TravelThursdays: Language Study Abroad in Santander, Spain

“I loved being able to travel around Spain on my free time. I visited a neighboring town, San Sebastián, for just a day and €40 and it became my favorite place in Spain!” Cindy ’18  

#TravelThursdays: Language Study Abroad in Rabat, Morocco

#TravelThursdays: Language Study Abroad in Rabat, Morocco

“I think cross cultural understanding is an overwhelmingly important part of a liberal arts education. It’s one thing to learn about culture in the safety of a classroom, it’s another thing to totally immerse yourself in it. Going to Morocco stretched my understanding of North […]

Fall in DC

Well, unlike many of the other posts on here, my junior fall at Dartmouth is not actually at Dartmouth! I’m taking the Fall off, courtesy of the D-Plan, and working in Washington, DC. I’m interning at both the Department of State and the Overseas Private […]

Hello Fall Quarter

Every Fall at Dartmouth, I’m reminded just how old I am.  As I walk around the beautiful Green, I hear the classic flair, loud music blasting and seemingly clueless ’16s wandering around!  And that’s when it hits me – I’m a junior!  In a way, […]

Coffee with a Dartmouth Alum

It’s always fascinating to take a breather and look back at just how far we’ve come.  Even more compelling though is to see how much we’ve learned. Indeed, time flies. Looking forward, I believe there’s plenty of growth and development ahead of us. And personally, […]

College Responsibilities

Hello from Hanover, once again! First and foremost: welcome to all the ED ’16s! Lots of my friends were facebooking and tweeting their excitement about you on the day the decisions came out. As fun as it is being the fawned over babies of the […]

The Magical Feeling

Faizan reflects on some of the magical moments of his first month at Dartmouth.

Sleep Deprived

Wednesday morning, September 21, 4:30 am. In just over four hours, my first day of classes at Dartmouth will officially begin. I’m sitting on the red circular seat at the entrance of the Hop, which I’m convinced is simply wood with one layer of upholstery […]