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My favorite class is my hardest class

My favorite class is my hardest class

My favorite course this term (my only term thus far) is Power, Territoriality, and Political Geography taught by Professor Garnet Kindervater. In this course, we analyze the relationship between power and space, and how that is inherently tied to knowledge. To do this, we have looked at the works of Rene […]

The Mysterious Machines of Physics 15

The Mysterious Machines of Physics 15

With all of the incredible, varied activities that I take part in on campus, it can sometimes be easy to forget that the real reason I’m here is to study. But with that said, classes at Dartmouth are nothing like they are at high school; […]

It’s okay to ask for help!

Let me be the first one to tell all you Prospective and Early Decision students that college is HARDER than high school. No, but seriously, it’s hard. You will no longer be able to do your spanish homework in the hallways on your way to […]

Summer almost Over?

I promise I’ll keep this one short and sweet. With the summer quarter almost over and finals beyond the horizon, the pace of Dartmouth life has been swift with great impact. Looking back, it surprises me just how much the classes here have engaged and […]

Studying, Studying, Yeah!

Three papers and no exams? Erin writes about her first Dartmouth finals week.

Professors at Dartmouth

One of the reasons that I chose Dartmouth was because I heard that students really get to know their professors, and I haven’t been disappointed.  As a first-year student, I expected some larger classes, so I thought that I wouldn’t get to interact with my […]

We Are Not Alone

Ajay discovers the benefits of study tutorials and office hours.

My Day’s A, B, Zzz’s

While lying in bed at night, I always like to reflect on the day’s happenings.  Recently, I’ve been having to fulfill this tradition while brushing my teeth or walking back to my dorm at night because I’m so exhausted by the end of the day […]