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How Dartmouth Financed Our Adventures

How Dartmouth Financed Our Adventures

Do you have an idea you have always wanted to realize? A pipe dream that has always seemed out of the question? Whether your curiosity concerns outdoor adventures or international projects, academic research or personal reflection, Dartmouth has funds to facilitate your initiative. To get […]

An eye-opening outside-the-class academic experience

An eye-opening outside-the-class academic experience

Last Sunday, I had the most extraordinary academic experience in my life. It was 7 in the evening, and I still had a decent 7 chapters of Hemingway and 1 chapter of micro econ reading due the next morning (one week in college and I […]

#TravelThursdays: Language Study Abroad in Santander, Spain

#TravelThursdays: Language Study Abroad in Santander, Spain

“I loved being able to travel around Spain on my free time. I visited a neighboring town, San Sebastián, for just a day and €40 and it became my favorite place in Spain!” Cindy ’18  

A Day in Beijing

After 31 days and 3100 miles journeying about China I’ve finally returned to the capital to resume my Tucker Fellowship. The William Jewett Tucker Foundation offers funded fellowships every term for Dartmouth students who wish to pursue personal growth through service opportunities abroad. I chose […]

Blunders and Boons

Were I to have made a list of reasons I chose Dartmouth over other comparably reputable institutions my senior year of high school, the D-plan would fall somewhere between “Dr. Seuss” and “high likelihood of moose-sighting.” It wasn’t that I was unfamiliar with the term […]

Fall in DC

Well, unlike many of the other posts on here, my junior fall at Dartmouth is not actually at Dartmouth! I’m taking the Fall off, courtesy of the D-Plan, and working in Washington, DC. I’m interning at both the Department of State and the Overseas Private […]

Guest Welcome – David Jiang ’12

A note from tour guide David Jiang ’12:  Hi ‘16s! At Dartmouth you can enjoy the beautiful Hanover campus as well as travel all over the world with our study abroad programs. I came into college knowing that I wanted to learn Chinese, but never […]

Guest Welcome – Dennis Zeveloff ’12

A note from Senior Tour Guide Dennis Zeveloff ’12:  Congratulations on being accepted to Dartmouth! It’s been a great place to learn–the cross-curricular scope, student-professor interactions, and world-class research have really enhanced my academic experience. I can’t think of another place where I’d be able […]

Dartmouth Direct Live! Financial Aid Advice

Tuesday, 1/31: 8pm EST

One-Twelfth Way There!

One-Twelfth Way There!

What a wild ride it’s been. People told me that ten week terms go by really fast, I never knew it would be THIS fast. I’m done with my finals today and fall 2011 term at Dartmouth has officially ended for me. We’re one twelfth […]

International Student Orientation – The Warmest Welcome

As I sat on my bed in Karachi, Pakistan, nearly 7000 miles from Dartmouth College, several thoughts rushed through my head. Dartmouth is supposed to be my home for the next four years of my life. There is excitement, but at the same time questions. […]