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How I Went Abroad 4 Times in Two Years

How I Went Abroad 4 Times in Two Years

Before coming to Dartmouth, I had very limited international travel experience. I didn’t get my first passport until the summer before my senior year of high school, so I was excited to possibly use my time at Dartmouth to explore more of the world! Over […]

5 Reasons I loved my Sophomore Summer

5 Reasons I loved my Sophomore Summer

As the summer nears its end and student begin to prepare for finals, I can’t help but reflect back to my Sophomore Summer. The season between your sophomore and junior year of college, Sophomore Summer, is one that Dartmouth students hear about from the moment […]

Why Dartmouth? : My D-Plan

Why Dartmouth? : My D-Plan

I chose Dartmouth because I knew I wanted to take full advantage of every travel opportunity I could in college. I could go on a Language Study Abroad Program (LSA) or a Foreign Study Program (FSP) and have a chance to take my Dartmouth classes […]

Blunders and Boons

Were I to have made a list of reasons I chose Dartmouth over other comparably reputable institutions my senior year of high school, the D-plan would fall somewhere between “Dr. Seuss” and “high likelihood of moose-sighting.” It wasn’t that I was unfamiliar with the term […]

Fall in DC

Well, unlike many of the other posts on here, my junior fall at Dartmouth is not actually at Dartmouth! I’m taking the Fall off, courtesy of the D-Plan, and working in Washington, DC. I’m interning at both the Department of State and the Overseas Private […]

Guest Welcome: Christine Wohlforth

Christine Wohlforth is the Acting Director of the Dickey Center for International Understanding Some of the best parts of the Dartmouth experience take place away from Dartmouth. Take Victoria B. ’11, who did an internship in Hanoi, Vietnam with an organization promoting sustainable development in […]

Back Already and So Much To Do!

Coming back to Dartmouth after a wonderful Christmas was bittersweet. It’s amazing to be back and I missed everyone but it is never easy leaving home. What I’ve found most challenging about this term though has been getting organised. Last term was all about settling […]

Courses, Schedules, and D-Plans Galore

Ajay writes about his obsession with course selection. No one’s judging, we swear!