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Dartmouth Direct Live! Pre-Health at Dartmouth

Tuesday, 12/13: 8pm EST

16 tips for the awesome ’16s!

Sasha welcomes early admits to the Class of 2016 with some advice.

To the Sixteens

You’ve done it! You’ve officially gotten into the best college in the world! You have such an awesome time in store for you! Soon you’ll be in Dartmouth, your home for the next few years. I, personally, cannot wait for all of you to arrive. […]

Ole Blitz

I only learned this recently, but apparently cell phone service was very, very spotty at Dartmouth until the early 2000s. As a result, people “blitzed” (emailed) each other instead of texting each other, which is why we Dartmouth students hold Blitz so close to our […]