Dec 092011

You’ve done it! You’ve officially gotten into the best college in the world! You have such an awesome time in store for you! Soon you’ll be in Dartmouth, your home for the next few years. I, personally, cannot wait for all of you to arrive. You’ve made the right decision of choosing Dartmouth, and soon you’ll find out why.

I remember how excited and delighted I was when I found out I had been admitted to Dartmouth. Congratulations to all of you! Applying to Dartmouth was one of the best decisions of my life. This place is literally magical! The best thing about this place is the people you meet here, and now all of you have become part of why Dartmouth is so amazing!

As my personal gift, here’s a list of everything you should make sure you do from now till next September:

1. Start spending an hour a day hugging ice so that you’re ready for the New Hampshire winter. (Not really, at Dartmouth we simply take advantage of the cold. I’ll be skiing next term hopefully. Just bring jackets!)

2. Go Green! Literally paint yourself green. before coming, you need to know the color, love the color, BE THE COLOR.

3. Practice shouting “SIXTEENS!”. You’ll have to shout it as loud as you can while singing the alma mater.

4. Get ready to be “the worst class ever”. Unless you can prove yourselves………

5. Brag. You deserve to. Tell all of your friends that you’re going to the best college in the world!

6. But actually, remember to be supportive of friends who won’t hear back from colleges until the end of March. It can make the winter really stressful for them.

7. Get all kinds of accessories for your room. At Dartmouth you’ll get a dorm room, you’ll need to make it yours.

8. Ask questions. Ask about anything you want! Ask us, ask other upperclassmen, ask anyone at Dartmouth. We all are glad to help.

9. Get ready to challenge yourself, to try new things, to grow.

10. Be super excited! You’re coming to an awesome place! You’re about to start the best time of your life. Soon you’ll be in Dartmouth!!

Once again, congratulations on being a part of Dartmouth. You’ll love this place! Upperclassmen, feel free to add to this list. Sixteens, we know you must be super excited, tell us what excites you the most. Express your excitement. Or just say Dartmouth rocks!

Congratulations you lucky lucky bunch of people. Dartmouth awaits you.



Nov 092011

I only learned this recently, but apparently cell phone service was very, very spotty at Dartmouth until the early 2000s. As a result, people “blitzed” (emailed) each other instead of texting each other, which is why we Dartmouth students hold Blitz so close to our hearts.

The “old Blitz” was shifted to a new system this year, which was a cause of annoyance for a lot of the upperclassmen, but everyone I know is still grateful that we use email the way we do. What do I mean by that? People blitz out events to the entire student body so that everyone knows what is happening on campus. Between social events and clubs recruiting members, between opportunities to eat lunch with President Kim and to get involved in off- and on-campus programs, I get so many emails day. This entire system creates the most inclusive, cohesive campus atmosphere that I have heard of.

The emails come in spurts. At one moment, I will be lulled into a false sense of calm. But there are times during the day, usually mid afternoon, and then especially around 10:30 pm, when I get email after email after email, convincing me that campus is alive and throbbing with energy. I will leave you with this piece of advice. Ignore Blitz at your own peril – you will be flooded in emails if you don’t check it daily, sometimes more often. Just kidding…sort of….