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To Our Applicants on Decision Day

To Our Applicants on Decision Day

To our applicants, I awoke this morning thinking about you and of what the moment of today’s release of our admissions decisions represents: The years of preparation in school. The impact you have had on your families, your friends, your school, and your communities. The […]

It’s okay to ask for help!

Let me be the first one to tell all you Prospective and Early Decision students that college is HARDER than high school. No, but seriously, it’s hard. You will no longer be able to do your spanish homework in the hallways on your way to […]

Hello Fall Quarter

Every Fall at Dartmouth, I’m reminded just how old I am.  As I walk around the beautiful Green, I hear the classic flair, loud music blasting and seemingly clueless ’16s wandering around!  And that’s when it hits me – I’m a junior!  In a way, […]

Never alone, but always together.

So how did you like Dartmouth? I think I’ve encountered this question about twenty times during my summer break so far. From my dad asking me as soon as my arrival at LAX to my high school friends who are curious to know about the […]

Summer almost Over?

I promise I’ll keep this one short and sweet. With the summer quarter almost over and finals beyond the horizon, the pace of Dartmouth life has been swift with great impact. Looking back, it surprises me just how much the classes here have engaged and […]

Guest Welcome: Peter Hackett

Peter Hackett is a Professor of Theater and chair of Dartmouth’s theater department. To the Class of 2016: Every day as I walk to my office in the Hopkins Center for the Arts, I pass the portraits of the extraordinarily dynamic teachers who served in […]

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Tuesday, 12/20: 8pm EST

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Tuesday, 12/13: 8pm EST

16 tips for the awesome ’16s!

Sasha welcomes early admits to the Class of 2016 with some advice.