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5 Reasons I loved my Sophomore Summer

5 Reasons I loved my Sophomore Summer

As the summer nears its end and student begin to prepare for finals, I can’t help but reflect back to my Sophomore Summer. The season between your sophomore and junior year of college, Sophomore Summer, is one that Dartmouth students hear about from the moment […]

Junior Day: Special Visit Day for High School Juniors

Junior Day: Special Visit Day for High School Juniors

High school juniors, we’re hosting a special visit day just for you! Join us from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Monday, April 11, to learn more about Dartmouth. During your visit you can: Attend a just-for-juniors information session, featuring a blend of Dartmouth’s renowned […]

Navigating the Academic Timetable

As a student, you may or may not have seen this timetable before. Whether or not you have seen it, it’s something you will become very familiar with during your time at Dartmouth as it’s one of the most important tools you may receive alongside […]

It’s okay to ask for help!

Let me be the first one to tell all you Prospective and Early Decision students that college is HARDER than high school. No, but seriously, it’s hard. You will no longer be able to do your spanish homework in the hallways on your way to […]

The Engineering Life

I’ve found that engineering conjures up a different picture for just about everyone I’ve talked to, from the Dilbert-esque cubicle dweller staring at a computer screen, to Tony Stark welding together some awesome new robot suit to save the world.  In my experience as a […]

Hello Fall Quarter

Every Fall at Dartmouth, I’m reminded just how old I am.  As I walk around the beautiful Green, I hear the classic flair, loud music blasting and seemingly clueless ’16s wandering around!  And that’s when it hits me – I’m a junior!  In a way, […]

Summer almost Over?

I promise I’ll keep this one short and sweet. With the summer quarter almost over and finals beyond the horizon, the pace of Dartmouth life has been swift with great impact. Looking back, it surprises me just how much the classes here have engaged and […]

Coffee with a Dartmouth Alum

It’s always fascinating to take a breather and look back at just how far we’ve come.  Even more compelling though is to see how much we’ve learned. Indeed, time flies. Looking forward, I believe there’s plenty of growth and development ahead of us. And personally, […]

Theatre and Math Go Together, Right?

From theater to theorems – all in a day’s life at Dartmouth.

Back Already and So Much To Do!

Coming back to Dartmouth after a wonderful Christmas was bittersweet. It’s amazing to be back and I missed everyone but it is never easy leaving home. What I’ve found most challenging about this term though has been getting organised. Last term was all about settling […]

One Week at a Time

The beauty of 10 week terms is that each week is a challenge. It’s like you’re on a reality show in which you’re given a list of tasks. You work super hard to complete task after task and get through that list. While doing that, […]