Mar 292012

Hey guys! First of all CONGRATULATIONS on getting into Dartmouth. Here’s a link to my post to the early decision sixteens. Much of this applies to all of you as well.

Over the next few weeks you guys will be making one of the most important decisions of your life. Many of you might have excellent offers from other colleges as well and are closely looking at every aspect of every college to make sure you make the right decision. I was in the same position exactly a year ago. Today, while writing this post, I am filled with immense happiness and pride for choosing Dartmouth which ended up being the perfect choice for me. Although it’s probably true that Dartmouth may not be for everybody, but trust me, Dartmouth’s versatility and welcoming nature ensures that most people will have the best time of their life at this institution!

So the major question is why should you choose Dartmouth? You’ll probably find thousands of answers to that question. I’ll just add some of my own experiences to that list.

One major thing you’ll always hear about Dartmouth is the focus on undergraduate studies. Trust me that is NO joke! All classes are taught by professors. They also have additional office hours when you can ask them for help or just have a nice chat with them. To see world class professors working extremely hard for you is truly inspirational and you can find that at Dartmouth! This is one of the biggest and most important reasons i’m completely in love with Dartmouth!

Next is the versatility. This is something I’ve talked about in my previous posts. Dartmouth has something for everybody. You meet loads of different kinds of people and all of them have made their place in this wonderful institute. For example, coming from Pakistan my favorite sport has always been Cricket. Coming to the US, I assumed that I probably will not get to play cricket during my time here. However I was in for an amazing surprise when I found out that Dartmouth actually had a cricket club. I get to play cricket every single week here. Many people have had similar experiences with their passions. Sometimes when there actually isn’t an official organization for you, then you can easily create one. Best thing is that you will almost always get both funding from Dartmouth as well as support from peers, administration as well as professors. It’s magnificent!

I’m sure that many of you will already have heard of the amazing study abroad opportunities, the flexible schedule, amazing internships, world class resources, and the millions of other things Dartmouth has to offer. All of these together make Dartmouth a really magical institute. However something that struck me the most was the amount of love students have for this college. People are actually passionate about making it a better place and almost everyone wholeheartedly believes in the greatness of this institution. I’ve also talked about a magical feeling associated with being here in some of my previous posts. The best thing about this feeling is that it keeps increasing over time. As I said, each week brings something new, presents a new challenge, and gives us the opportunity to develop physically, mentally and emotionally.

Overall, I’d just like to say that you guys are a really lucky bunch. Think about your college choices carefully, but speaking from experience I HIGHLY recommend Dartmouth! I am super excited to see you all on campus and I can’t wait to see all of you soon! Make the most of your last few pre-college months!

Mar 292012

Dear Dartmouth Direct readers,

Thursday, March 29th, was a very big day for the admissions office – we went live with our admissions decisions for the Class of 2016! The entire Dartmouth community is thrilled to welcome its newest members. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring guests posts from tour guides, faculty, and administrators on this site. We hope you enjoy hearing from voices across campus as we share our excitement about the Class of 2016.

Jan 292012

With Dartmouth’s financial aid deadline fast approaching (applications are due February 1st), join us for a special Dartmouth Direct Live! show at 8pm EST on Tuesday, January 31st for everything you need to know about financial aid. Senior Assistant Director of Admissions John Beck will be joined in the studio by Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid Christen O’Connor. No webcam needed. Sit back and watch or participate by asking us questions and we’ll do our best to answer them, Live!

Jan 092012

Update: Recording of live show posted below

January 1st is now safely in the review mirror, but we know you haven’t quite stopped thinking about your applications. While the anxiety over application essays and standardized testing has passed, you might still have a number of questions about what to do from now until when decisions are released at the end of March. Join us tomorrow, 1/10, at 8pm EST for a Dartmouth Direct Live! chat with updates from the admissions office and answers to frequently asked questions. Admissions intern Thandar Aung ’12 will be joined in the studio by Senior Assistant Director of Admissions John Beck ’09. Additional admissions officers will be available in the text that. No webcam needed. Sit back and watch or participate by asking us questions and we’ll do our best to answer them, Live!

Dec 192011

Update: Recording of live show posted below

With the January 1st Regular Decision deadline rapidly approaching, why not view this 2011 recording of Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Maria Laskaris and Director of Admissions Recruitment Dan Parish Tuesday chatting about last minute application tips. The show was originally hosted in December 2011 for Dartmouth Direct Live!

Dec 122011

Join Pre-Health Advising coordinator Dr. Lee Witters and Assistant Director of Admissions Justine Modica at 8pm EST tomorrow (Tuesday) night to hear how Dartmouth helps prepare students for careers in the health professions. No webcam needed. Sit back and watch or participate by asking us questions and we’ll do our best to answer them, Live!

Dec 092011

Hey there ’16s! Congratulations!!! We’re so so so excited to have you, even if we don’t quite believe that the class of 2016 is a real thing yet. I applied ED last year too, and it seems like just yesterday. I know I’m just a freshman and I’ve only been here one term, so forgive me for getting a bit nostalgic. And forgive me if I pretend to know what I’m talking about, since I often feel just as new as you do, but I’d like to add some of my own tips on Dartmouth to all the advice given by the lovely bloggers below. 16 tips, in fact. Here goes!

1. Celebrate! You’ve clearly worked hard to get to where you are now, and you deserve a break. Take the weekend to have fun, hang out with your friends if they’re not going too crazy about colleges, and repeat: you did it!

2. But… you still have school Monday. Relax of course, but remember that there’s a reason you’ve worked hard throughout high school aside from getting into college. Maybe take a class or do a project you didn’t have time for during the application process. I signed up for astronomy and creative writing during second semester of my senior year, and they were both great!

3. One more thing about school next week- a lot of people don’t yet know which Class of 2016 they’ll be a part of. So be proud and happy, but maybe don’t skip and sing down the halls dressed head to toe in Dartmouth green? Or go for it, your call.

4. Dartmouth green is a pretty great color though, and it looks good on everyone! It might be time to order that college apparel you were too superstitious to order before your decision came. I know I was way too scared to buy anything before finding out, but I placed an order that Friday. Nothin’ like a little school spirit.

5. If any meet-ups are happening in your area, you should definitely go. I bet all you ’16s are pretty cool kids, and you should meet each other. You could make your first Dartmouth friends before even getting here! If there aren’t any yet, plan one!

6. You didn’t really have to do a supplement for your application. You were required to have someone else do the biggest part for you! So if anyone asks you to write their peer rec for a regular decision application, go for it. It’s only fair.

7. If you had an alumni interview and enjoyed that experience, you might consider sending an email to your alumni interviewer to let them know you got in. Chances are they put in a good word for you, and they’ll be happy to know you were admitted.

8. Start checking out what’s happening on campus. The website of the Hopkins Center for the Arts will give you lots of great ideas about the types of performances and programs that will be happening when you’re on campus next year.


Whew, we’re halfway there! Still reading? C’mon ’16s, you can do it!


9. Go on a first year DOC trip. They’re so much fun! You’ll get to meet cool people and eat lots of Cabot cheese. You’ll also learn how to play the trash can game. It’s quite intense.

10. Get in touch with your roommates and floormates when you (finally) find out who they are, because if you’re half as lucky as I am, they’ll be awesome. Shout-out to Russell Sage 3!

11. Before you get here, take a look at some classes you might want to take next fall. Orientation is pretty busy, so it’s good to already have some sense of what you’re interested in when you get that large brick of a book that lists every class we offer.

12. Now I’m gonna give you some advice on what to do when you get here- which will be before you know it! Find a study spot that works for you. I spent the first month only studying on the first floor of the main library (there are 4 floors, and 6 in the stacks, and lots of other buildings and libraries to consider). I still do my work in Baker-Berry, but I also like to go to Sanborn library. I do my work at the Dirt Cowboy sometimes too, which is a really good coffee shop in town.

13. Do stuff. Whatever you like, I’m sure we have it. I’ve joined some pretty random things myself. For example, I’ll be co-chair of the polar bear swim at Winter Carnival this February, a tradition that involves hundreds of students jumping into freezing water in a hole cut into the ice in a pond, one at a time. It’s gonna be cold. But fun.

14. Explore Hanover! Its pretty tiny, but it still has a lot to offer. Brunch at Lou’s, warm bread at Molly’s, gelato at Morano, $5 movies at the Nugget, and whatever else you want to do.

15. In your classes, work hard but remember people are there to help you. Go to office hours, make study groups with friends or go to official ones, get a tutor if you feel you need one, and order all the coffee you need at King Arthur Flour in the library.

16. CONGRATS AGAIN ’16’s!!! Really, you’re making me feel so old right now. But so excited! We all can’t wait to meet you!

Dec 092011

Yo 16s. You’re looking fine. I see you.

Okay that’s a tad creepy, but congratulations on getting into Dartmouth!!!!!!!!!! Looking back, senior year was certainly a dramatic year for me. I didn’t know where I was supposed to go, and I really felt that there was one place meant for me. Cue getting into Dartmouth regular decision and I realized how perfect this place was for me! Kudos to you for realizing how awesome Dartmouth was way before I figured it out! Seriously, I’m at home right now in Saint Louis and I miss the Green, my friends and the bell-tower waking me up in the morning. And I can’t wait for that to be YOU!!! In 9 months you’ll be going on trips, meeting tons of people during orientation, feeling homesick, and wondering why you ever thought, for a second, another place could’ve been better!


Now go tell that one person who makes you want to smack them, that you got into the best school!***


***Okay this results in loss of coolness so be kind when you tell people. Some people haven’t gotten into their dream schools and are feeling pretty low. Plus bragging is really un-classy. And who wants to make 16s un-classy?

Dec 092011

You’ve done it! You’ve officially gotten into the best college in the world! You have such an awesome time in store for you! Soon you’ll be in Dartmouth, your home for the next few years. I, personally, cannot wait for all of you to arrive. You’ve made the right decision of choosing Dartmouth, and soon you’ll find out why.

I remember how excited and delighted I was when I found out I had been admitted to Dartmouth. Congratulations to all of you! Applying to Dartmouth was one of the best decisions of my life. This place is literally magical! The best thing about this place is the people you meet here, and now all of you have become part of why Dartmouth is so amazing!

As my personal gift, here’s a list of everything you should make sure you do from now till next September:

1. Start spending an hour a day hugging ice so that you’re ready for the New Hampshire winter. (Not really, at Dartmouth we simply take advantage of the cold. I’ll be skiing next term hopefully. Just bring jackets!)

2. Go Green! Literally paint yourself green. before coming, you need to know the color, love the color, BE THE COLOR.

3. Practice shouting “SIXTEENS!”. You’ll have to shout it as loud as you can while singing the alma mater.

4. Get ready to be “the worst class ever”. Unless you can prove yourselves………

5. Brag. You deserve to. Tell all of your friends that you’re going to the best college in the world!

6. But actually, remember to be supportive of friends who won’t hear back from colleges until the end of March. It can make the winter really stressful for them.

7. Get all kinds of accessories for your room. At Dartmouth you’ll get a dorm room, you’ll need to make it yours.

8. Ask questions. Ask about anything you want! Ask us, ask other upperclassmen, ask anyone at Dartmouth. We all are glad to help.

9. Get ready to challenge yourself, to try new things, to grow.

10. Be super excited! You’re coming to an awesome place! You’re about to start the best time of your life. Soon you’ll be in Dartmouth!!

Once again, congratulations on being a part of Dartmouth. You’ll love this place! Upperclassmen, feel free to add to this list. Sixteens, we know you must be super excited, tell us what excites you the most. Express your excitement. Or just say Dartmouth rocks!

Congratulations you lucky lucky bunch of people. Dartmouth awaits you.



Dec 082011

Before coming to Dartmouth as a ‘15 this past September, I never could have imagined that the upperclassmen would get so excited to see freshmen.  I get the sentiment now – I can’t wait to meet you and see the great things you bring to the future of this school.

I know the days leading up to the decision were especially difficult.  I can remember mine as if they were yesterday.  Counting down the minutes and seconds, not being able to concentrate in class, dealing with a mad rush of texts, chat messages, and phone calls – it all seemed so surreal.

That surreal feeling doesn’t really go away, though.  My first term at Dartmouth has been unreal, and I can’t believe that I’ve already finished a twelfth of my time here (I don’t want to leave!).  I can’t help but think how lucky I am to have chosen this school.  Dartmouth is better than I could have imagined, and I’m positive you will feel the same way!