Get a glimpse into the real world of Dartmouth. Follow these students from across the globe as they enjoy the opportunities made possible by the Dartmouth Plan.

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Jamie Mercado ’15
At Dartmouth, I’m doing what I love, loving what I’m doing, and trying not to worry too much about what I’m going to do after this.
Reem Chamseddine ’17
I am excited to see how Dartmouth is going to change my life everyday, and I cannot wait to share that with all of you.
Alexis Wallace ’17
As a seventeen from the South, I didn’t know what to expect when I set foot on campus. Thankfully, I find a new reason to love Dartmouth every day.
ASlatevDartDirect Ashton Slatev ’15
I’m a Linguistics major spending my four junior year terms in four different cities, across three continents.
Pritika Vig ’17
I’m enjoying discovering my academic and extracurricular passions in such an intense and exciting community!
DartDirectAWoodward Aylin Woodward ’15
I like living life on campus to its fullest. Every term my goal is to do something new; whether it’s classes at the pottery studio, boxing club, writing for the Dartmouth, ice skating on Occum Pond, working as a tour guide… you name it, and I’ve probably tried it. :D
APDartDirct Aaron Pellowski  ’15
At Dartmouth, I’m always hunting after big hearts and big ideas. I hate small talk and small minds.
MJanjuaDartDirect Maieda Janjua ’17
I’m still figuring out who I am as a Pakistani at Dartmouth, but the unexpected discoveries of myself make everyday life on campus all the more exciting!
ireneDartDirect Irene Cofie ’16

Dartmouth, what can I say? I’m grateful to be here :).

NShell Natalie Shell ’15
My experience at Dartmouth has been a never-ending rush of laughter, learning, 10pm milkshakes, and the greatest people you’ll ever meet.
SDDartDirect Stefan Deutsch ’14
I’m here to learn, in whatever form that might take.  I like running, frisbee, science, and Pad Thai.
Tiantian-Zhang-photo Tiantian Zhang ’16
Good food, good scenery, and good company excite me. I’m grateful to have found all of these at Dartmouth and proud to be able to call it home.
CPPhoto Claire Park ’16
I’m a small scale adventurer, looking out for new experiences every day at Dartmouth or abroad!
Alibre Alex Libre ’16
I came to Dartmouth for various (naively specific) reasons, but have come to love my time here in ways I could never have anticipated. Between my varied academic interests, love for the outdoors, and a healthy appreciation of Dartmouth’s social scene, Hanover has become my dream home.
DartDirect1 Stacy Livingston ’16
I’m passionate about side braids, laughter, barbecue chicken wings, and Dartmouth; I’m trying to get as much as I can of each.
Beach Pic Emilia Hull ’14
I challenge myself a little every day at Dartmouth so that I can explore and experiment as much as possible while also doing what I love.
   EWeldonDartDirect Erin Weldon ’15
I’m one of Dartmouth’s 1902 regulars, constantly under the influence of coffee and easily charmed by the serenity of an early morning in Hanover.
CortlandDartDirect Cortland Weatherley-White ’17
I think of life as a birthday cake. It tastes better when it’s shared.
 LSimDartDirect Laura Sim ’16
Whether you find me studying in the grim alleys of the Stacks or sunbathing on the Green, I’m always trying to search, learn, discover – what exactly? You’ll have to read more to find out.
ddirect Prodhi Manisha ’17
At Dartmouth, I feel a bit like a grocery shopper. I’m just trying to pick out a variety of ingredients to make up my life, ranging from interesting courses to campus activities I’m passionate about to simply trying to find the best smoothie combination at Collis. Whatever I’m looking for at any point, Dartmouth never disappoints.

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