Get a glimpse into the real world of Dartmouth. Follow these students from across the globe as they enjoy the opportunities made possible by the Dartmouth Plan.

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Jamie Mercado ’15
At Dartmouth, I’m doing what I love, loving what I’m doing, and trying not to worry too much about what I’m going to do after this.
Reem Chamseddine ’17
I am excited to see how Dartmouth is going to change my life everyday, and I cannot wait to share that with all of you.
Alexis Wallace ’17
As a seventeen from the South, I didn’t know what to expect when I set foot on campus. Thankfully, I find a new reason to love Dartmouth every day.
APDartDirct Aaron Pellowski  ’15
At Dartmouth, I’m always hunting after big hearts and big ideas. I hate small talk and small minds.
ireneDartDirect Irene Cofie ’16

Dartmouth, what can I say? I’m grateful to be here :).

CPPhoto Claire Park ’16
I’m a small scale adventurer, looking out for new experiences every day at Dartmouth or abroad!
Alibre Alex Libre ’16
I came to Dartmouth for various (naively specific) reasons, but have come to love my time here in ways I could never have anticipated. Between my varied academic interests, love for the outdoors, and a healthy appreciation of Dartmouth’s social scene, Hanover has become my dream home.
Alex Hurt II Alex D. Hurt II ’16
I’m a Government Major modified with Economics and enjoy filmmaking. I have lived in Boston, Massachusetts for most of my life.
Jinmyoung Lee Jinmyoung Lee ’16
I am a math and classics double major but in my free time I like taking photos and visiting museums on Google Earth.
Robert Herbst Robert J. Herbst ’16
Part time musician, part time writer. I enjoy the diners of the Upper Valley.

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