Author: Reem

Last few memories

Freshman Year: Check. I am writing this final post on my way to Logan International Airport, to catch a flight back to Beirut, Lebanon. Although I am excited to be with family and among high school friends, I leave with much nostalgia at all the great […]

Green Key 2014

Sun, music, and bbqs: this is what Green Key is all about! Green Key is the big weekend of the Spring Term. And as much as I enjoyed Homecoming Weekend and Winter Carnival Weekend, this weekend was even better!   A welcome break from a […]

Another Spring Weekend

Week 7 just ended! It’s crazy how fast time goes by here at Dartmouth. This weekend was a perfect spring weekend. I had finals last week so this weekend was relatively easy in terms of work-load. And the weather was great! There was a Relay […]

On Community

This weekend, I got to go to SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND for the first time ever. As part of the International Student Association which organized this trip, choosing to go was a no-brainer (Picture of the crew attached!). The reason I am writing about this, […]

Bioethics Conference with Dartmouth team

Hey all, So it’s been a while since my last post and it’s all because of how busy this term has been, but also because of how much fun the Spring that everyone is always outside enjoying the warmth on the Green and in town! […]

14Spring Beginning and CONGRATS!!!!

To start off, Congratulations to the great (potential) class of 2018! It honestly feels like yesterday that I was on cloud 9 thinking about Dartmouth and the future and it all seemed so faraway and too good to be real! I hope you all share […]

End of Winter14

  Just as the weather was warming up a little here in Hanover, a blizzard hit and rendered Dartmouth Winter W onderland again. Say what you will about the cold, but snow- in good times- can mean adventure. I say good times because the academic term just […]

Learning from the Best- Professors at Dartmouth

Dartmouth has consistently been ranked #1 for best undergraduate teaching. But with all the deadlines and midterms approaching, it is easy to forget this and complain about the pile of work left undone. I was recently reminded of how great the professors here are, and […]

Winter Carnival

This past weekend was Winter Carnival, one of Dartmouth’s better known traditions. Winter Carnival is the Winter Term Big Weekend, the same way that Homecoming is Fall Term’s Big Weekend. There is nothing like a 3-day weekend halfway through the term to remind everyone again […]

Residential Life at D

  Generally speaking, dorms do not sound like the most glamorous living arrangement. I have to say, though, that living at Dartmouth is as great as dorm experiences can get. I will focus on first year living communities, as I am a first year and […]

MLK Day at Dartmouth

MLK Day here at Dartmouth has been great, and not just because of that extra day we all got to sleep in, catch up on school work, and have a long lunch at Fo’Co. It was, instead, a day filled with reflection, awareness, and all […]