Pritika Vig

Dec 112013



Congratulations! It has been so cool to see all of your excitement on social media sites. Believe me, the Dartmouth community is just as excited to welcome you! Having just finished my first term, I can definitely say that the Dartmouth community does a great job at helping you to build a home here. This fall there were orientation events, a cappella shows, barbecues, DOC feeds, dance showcases, and greek events, all with particular encouragements towards freshmen to come participate. I was nervous to begin school and get involved with activities alongside all of the accomplished students here, but there is an overwhelming sense of welcome, enthusiasm and brotherly advice from the upperclassmen.

I so look forward to welcoming you next fall! Congratulations and enjoy the rest of your senior year!

Pritika Vig ’17

The End of 13F

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Nov 112013

With just 3 days of class ahead of me, I am in the middle of my busiest week of term. The ten week terms were intimidating at first, but I love the fact that I am only taking three classes. I enjoy being able to intently focus in on the areas that I am studying. Having just three classes makes the pace of the work manageable.

Luckily I have found great study spots!



However, even amid all of the studying, there is still much fun to be had! Last week I celebrated my 19th birthday at Dartmouth. My friends and I headed over to Molly’s in Hanover for a great meal. This experience made me appreciate the home and family that I have built at Dartmouth. So many people on campus, through clubs and organizations and independently, have reached out to make the transition to college life enjoyable. First year trips, DOC feeds, the Tucker Foundation community, Collis After Dark events, the greek system, and the freshmen residential clusters have all provided me with great opportunities to develop friendships across grades.

Dartmouth’s small community fosters strong bonds and I have loved my transition into this community!


Until next time!



Busy, busy, busy!

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Oct 252013

Last week I finished my midterms! I am glad to have my first college exams behind me! With ten week terms, the classes move quickly, but I have a lot of free time and the work is definitely manageable. I can’t believe that I only have four weeks left of fall term.

Here is a list of my favorite things about freshmen fall:

1. My floormates: Freshmen floors are really close and there was a lot of community programming in the first few weeks that allowed us to get to know each other really well. I get to live with a violist, track athlete, singer, rapper, digital artist, sailor, and many other cool people. I appreciate everyday how great my floor is!

2. Foco: The fresh bread and cookies at the Class of 1953 Commons Food Court (affectionately known as Foco) are amazing! I was expecting to miss home cooking a lot, but I really love the variety at Foco and the vegetarian food is delicious.

3. The Climbing Gym: I hadn’t really climbed before college but a few of my floormates are accomplished climbers and I tagged along with them to the gym.

climbing gym

4. Homecoming: Homecoming, and like many other events, are designed to make freshmen feel welcome at Dartmouth. It’s so awesome to see so many Dartmouth alums, profs, students, and staff come together around the bonfire.

5. Trips: The Trips orientation program provided me with such a great network coming into Dartmouth. I think I see at least one of my trippees around campus each day!

Until next time,




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Oct 152013

This weekend was homecoming and it was an absolute blast to be a freshmen. Throughout the week ’17s helped to build the big bonfire in the center of the green and decorated boards for the fire. On Friday evening the entire freshmen class walked together around campus to each of the freshmen dormitory clusters all the way to the green. After a few speeches and the alma mater, the running began! As a part of Dartmouth tradition, we ran 17 (our class graduation year) laps around the bonfire. Some of the athletes even ran 117!


bonfire 2

This morning I met with my Linked Up “family” for Breakfast at the Hanover Inn in town. Linked Up is a club on campus that matches underclassmen women with upperclassmen women and female faculty members. Its really nice knowing a junior on campus!


Off to the library to study for my midterms,


My First Post!

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Oct 052013

Hi Everyone!

My name is Pritika Vig and I am a ’17. I don’t really have a “typical day” to share with you, because everyday new adventures come up! Here’s what I have done so far today…

8:15 am: Ski Patrol Interview

Today I woke up to interview for a club that I am really excited about. It was a blast – it is a nontraditional interview.

9:30-2:00: Tucker Foundation Day of Caring

Right after I met up with some of my friends from my DOC trip (my trippees) to volunteer for the Tucker foundation. We went to a state park in VT and helped set up a haunted trail for Halloween. Here is a picture from the gorge at the state park:



Now: Library Time!

I’m headed over to my favorite study spot in Baker Library to get a start on my homework for the weekend. Here is the view of Baker from my dorm’s front lawn:


Until next post,

Pritika Vig ’17