Author: Past Dartmouth Direct Blogger

Institutional Memories

So Senior Week and Graduation are finally upon us here in Hanover.  I wish I could give you some dazzling, worldly advice, but I can’t come up with much that hasn’t already been said.  I guess all I’ve got is 1.  Don’t be evil. 2. […]


It is so wild to think that I have only one more week as a freshman! Man, how did that happen? Things are coming to a close so fast. Wednesday was the last day of organized practice. Next Wednesday will be my last day of […]

The Pool on the Roof

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks, which is interesting because I’ve had a lot to write about but very little time in which to write it.  Accordingly, this’ll probably end up as kind of a double post. You’ll probably hear a lot about […]

“It Will Be Fine”

The Dartmouth experience revolves a lot around the phrase that I have been told time and time again, “it will be fine.” Up until this point, this has not been an outwardly acceptable way to go about life. But in college, it is greatly applicable. […]


If you’re one of the 55% or so of prospies who chose Dartmouth this past week, congratulations!  At least in my opinion, you made the right call. You’ll hear a lot about the Dartmouth Experience in your next four years.  A lot of it will […]

Setting Fire to the Rain

Classic New England weather obeys the infamous saying, “April showers bring may flowers.” So what on earth is there to do on a rainy weekend in little old Hanover? Well, let me just lay some ideas out for you, just so you don’t have to […]

Bucket Lists

One of my favorite things about Dartmouth was that I woke up every day thinking that anything could happen before I went to bed that night.  To some extent, that’s still true.  You never know what random interaction is going to lead to a lifelong […]

Spring Breaks and Seders

In high school, I heard a lot about how nobody really stays involved in religious life when they get to college, and I got a bit worried.  I had been pretty involved in church groups growing up, and I didn’t want to lose that aspect […]


I never went abroad.  I never really got around to filling out the application and engineering takes a lot of time anyway.  I was ok with it though; I like it here.  (It’s like I’m an admissions blogger or something.)  I can deal with the […]

Welcome Home

First and foremost, congratulations to the Dartmouth Class of 2018!  Your hard work has paid off and we couldn’t be any more proud of you.  Even though you’re objectively the worst class ever, we’re pretty impressed. It’s gonna be hard to say something that the […]

Welcome to the Real World

Dearest ‘18s, Congratulations! It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that more than a year has passed since I was in your place. Go ahead, celebrate. You deserve to. (But try and show up to your classes still. Set two alarms, […]