Author: Jamie


Last Friday, I quite literally sprinted out of my last class the second the clock turned to 12:20 pm. By 12:30, I was in my car, driving around gathering friends and skis; by 1:00, we were unloading the car at the foot of the Dartmouth […]

Exploring Passions

Over three years of giving tours, and three years of answering the question, “What’s your favorite thing about Dartmouth?” I have never figured out how to narrow down all the things I appreciate into one concise, polished answer. But one consistent thing that always comes […]

Back Home

Driving back to campus for the first time after my FSP, I took a deliberate detour around the green, swallowing up the Christmas tree, the snow-covered lawns, the beacon of welcome that is the light on top of Baker Tower. I stopped in the middle […]

Three Years Ago Today

Dearest ’18s, Tomorrow afternoon, at approximately 3:56 pm, someone in the Dartmouth Admissions Office will press a button*, and acceptance letters will magically appear on the computer screens of students around the world. That button press** is just one simple, relatively insignificant movement of a […]

“Fancy Dress” in Scotland

DOC First-Year Trips, a program that’s designed to welcome first-year students to the college and help them feel comfortable here, brings to light many things about life as a student at Dartmouth. Many of these things are practical and useful, while others can be lighthearted […]

Cool Study Spots at Dartmouth

This past week was midterms week in Edinburgh, and in honor of the fact that I have done little more than curl up on my bed in a onesie, drink tea, eat chocolate, and write thousands of words about backwards time travel and whether or […]

Once in Dublin (and other adventures)

One thing I’ve always appreciated about Dartmouth is how supportive my friends and classmates are of each other’s passions. In high school, I totally nerded out over a lot of things, but it wasn’t until I came to Dartmouth that I actually opened up about […]

Taking Traditions Across the Globe

Dartmouth’s traditions aren’t exactly world-renowned or anything, but they are something that many students appreciate and keep close to heart, no matter where in the world we are. Last year, when my a cappella group was lucky enough to go on a benefit tour to […]


When I first decided to study abroad, I was pretty worried about the idea of living in a city. There are awesome programs like the Bio FSP or the Stretch (the nickname for the Earth Sciences FSP) that do fieldwork in the rainforest or at […]

Hi from Edinburgh!

The past week has been a whirlwind of adventure. Last week, I led my second DOC First-Year Trip, and I had to say a hasty goodbye to my newfound ’17 friends because I got straight on the Dartmouth Coach to go to Boston Logan Airport […]