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Jun 062014

Home Sweet Home Yall’


I am back home in Texas for a bit before the start of a new term and I must say, I am very happy to be home. It is great to see family and friends. What amazes me though about returning home is how quickly time has passed in between now and my last visit home. It just goes to show, life is short, so it is up to us to make the very best of each and every day with our family and friends at home, and more importantly, at a great school like Dartmouth.

Enjoy the summer everyone!

Texas Sky





Jun 062014



Hola! So I have decided to post three theme-based question and answer (or pregunta y respuesta) articles. See below for more!

1)   Do you sleep at Dartmouth? Why?

Duh! It’s needed. Really. How else could you tackle all the great opportunities at Dartmouth without energy to experience the Dartmouth life?

2)   What inspired you to sleep at Dartmouth despite your desires to excel academically and devote all your time, even sleeping time, to learning?

In lieu of explaining why I choose to get 8 hours of sleep at Dartmouth, (with the exception of finals week and/or examination periods :) ), I will summarize some important points from a Ted Talk. In becoming sleep deprived, one has poor judgment, loss of memory and is prone to more accidents and weight gain. Thus, sleep is important to me because it allows me to more efficaciously focus on and complete my academic work at Dartmouth College. Apart from academic benefits, sleeps helps me to stay alert to observe the beautiful things that surround me at Dartmouth as well.

3)   What advice would you recommend to other Dartmouth students about how to institute an effective sleep schedule?

You need sleep every day so that you can have the full energy to reload and do your best at Dartmouth. Thus, watch this Ted talk for more motivation to sleep longer, particularly after 9 minutes  :) .




Jun 062014


Hola! So I have decided to post three theme-based question and answer (or pregunta y respuesta) articles. See below for more!

1)   Where do you eat on campus? Why?

There are three main dining facilities to eat at on campus: Collis Café, Courtyard Café and 53 Commons. In addition, one can find great baked goods and sandwiches at these inner-library dining shops: King Arthur Flour and Novack Café. For all the dining spaces, the food at Dartmouth is pretty great. If I had to select my favorite dining facility however, I would choose 53 Commons (also known as FoCo) because 53 Commons always has a variety of foods to select from and combining the varied foods can create tasty, novel dishes that are out of this world.

2)   In the midst of your busy schedule, what do you do to compensate for learning how to cook whilst in college?

At Dartmouth, because of the numerous opportunities to get involved in activities, it is easy to never cook and only rely upon the great dining facilities for regular meals. However, I think it is really important to learn how to cook, even in the midst of a typical Dartmouth schedule. Fortunately, there are many cooking organizations on campus that provide an opportunity for students to learn how to cook, while hanging out with crafty people with a food mission. Amongst these organizations are Spoon University, Students Fighting Hunger, affinity houses and more. If not able to attend some of the cooking events of these organizations, one can still learn to cook on their own. Just set aside an hour and a half of your day, select dishes from Pinterest to cook and pay a visit to the Dartmouth Coop to purchase needed ingredients to prepare a wonderful meal for yourself and friends.

3)   What off-campus dining facilities would you recommend and why?

All of them are great in my opinion. The site below is also helpful for selecting restaurants to eat at in Hanover. Lastly, I would recommend visiting a food both during Hanover’s Farmers Market, which occurs every summer and fall.



Jun 062014


Hola! So I have decided to post three theme-based question and answer (or pregunta y respuesta) articles. See below for more!

1)   What classes did you take this school year?

As I progress through my Dartmouth career term by term, it is really hard to remember all the classes I have taken. Nonetheless, fall, winter and spring term, I took the following courses: Biology 12, Chemistry 51 and 52, Public Policy 45 and 91, History 6 and 78, Math 8 and Physics 3.

2)   What aspects did you enjoy the most about your classes?

I  enjoyed all my classes this year simply because the professors at Dartmouth are amazing, dexterous and teach beyond the textbook. Professors help to enhance the learning material by applying the subject matter to real-life examples, as a result of their expertise in the fields they teach. For instance, I took Chemistry 52 with Professor Gribble winter term. He did not only teach the foundations of organic chemistry, but rather, he gave my classmates and I knowledge about natural carcinogenic compounds in our world so that we may apply our understanding of chemistry to be safe in our environment. As Professor Gribble exemplifies, all Dartmouth professors are cool and informative and I am really grateful to be able to learn beyond textbook material, through their courses.

3)   What advice would you give others for selecting courses or managing pressing classes?  

Simply put, don’t worry.

If you want to take a class, go for it. All you have to do is put in the effort to make the arduous course load work. It is important to have a balance of classes and not take 3 classes that require every minute of your time, giving you no room in your schedule to relax or dine. However, if you look for an escape to your class schedule by avoiding the classes you need to complete your academic goals at Dartmouth, you will place yourself in a situation of trouble. In sum, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn, don’t worry yourself to not take a class that seems challenging. You will enjoy classes your heart desires to peruse, despite the hard workload, so go for it! Besides, in the long run, those challenging classes will pay off in ways you never imagined. Don’t be afraid to learn :).

Jun 062014

Spring roams out at Dartmouth well

The sun shines gold, the flowers are swell

People lay out on the Green

They share time with friends and enjoy their cuisine

Frisbee, soccer, jogging, biking

Tennis, skateboarding, football, kiting

Many things to do, so much to see

Happiness lures by every tree

Occom Pond

The point of this poem is to allude to the fact that there are many outdoor activities to enjoy at Dartmouth during spring term, due to the amazing weather in the spring. In addition to enjoying recreational activities outdoors, there are also fantastic barbeques planned throughout the term. For example, near finals week in May, Dartmouth’s Programing Board planned an event where music, kettle corn, Dippin Dots, and other delectable items were offered. In sum, spring term, like all the other terms at Dartmouth, is enjoyable. The weather is truly refreshing and one should ingeniously fabricate outlets of fun for taking advantage of the good Dartmouth weather.



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Mar 282014

This short post is sent with a lot of love:

Welcome to Dartmouth 18’s! We are very excited to have you as a part of the Dartmouth community! You all are great and talented! Welcome, welcome, and another big welcome to Dartmouth :).




Mar 212014

Dartmouth College is an exceptional institution with a lot of resources, even during spring break. Every spring break, there are some students who choose to reside on campus and I must admit, this spring break, I was one. It is believed that when the majority of students are not on campus, Dartmouth seems mundane. In fact however, there are many activities to fall in love with while others are not on campus. For instance, you could…

1) Learn to cook new dishes.
2) Attend the yearly employee Art Showcase, just one example of the many great performances and lectures held at Dartmouth daily.
3) Go watch a movie, or two, or ten at Jones Media Center. Jones has many collections of movies you have only dreamed of watching but have never made the time for. What better way to complete your movie bucket list than with a spring break movie party at Jones?
4) Run to Kendal Senior Center and visit residents. The senior residents at Kendal have great life stories to share. They may even appreciate receiving greeting cards if you had the time to make some for them.
5) Take the Advance Transit to West Lebanon and see New Hampshire life outside of Hanover. West Lebanon differs from Hanover in that there are more stores such as JCPenney, Kohls, JoAnn’s Fabric, Ziggy’s Pizza, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Kmart, Five Guys and more.

As you can visualize, there are many ways to enjoy the great resources offered at Dartmouth College, even during spring break. I hope you  attend Dartmouth to take advantage of the plenteous opportunities offered here.


Mar 142014

After three months of thrilling academic challenges and unpredictable cold weather, winter term has terminated; yet, the winter storms continue. The winter snow was plenteous this term. It seems every day, I could witness white, fluffy H2O precipitate on the ground, sometimes so highly elevated, it was hard to walk without getting my legs wet. It may be hard for one to decide to attend Dartmouth because they fear the long-lasting winters will be unlivable and unconformable. I make no promises that this is untrue. However, unless you are like me and like to wake up at 6 am to go to the gym, there is no need to worry about snow pile-ups because Dartmouth does a great job about having the snow plowed as early as possible. Additionally, if you wear the right gear, you may even find that walking through showers of snow can be magical, with soft, solid white spheres raining down to hug your face as you briskly pace to get to class on time. For me, the best approach to dressing well for winter snowstorms is simply to wear a cozy hat, warm mittens and a thick waterproof jacket. At Dartmouth, you can’t avoid the snow storms. But as the storms continue, just make the best out of it.