Author: Cortland

Rowing Against Harvard

After a 13-week period of indoor training, the men and women of Dartmouth Rowing are finally beginning their racing seasons.  This weekend, I travelled with the lightweight squad down to Cambridge, where we would face off with perennial powerhouse Harvard and perennial under-achiever MIT. The […]

A Note for Future 18’s

Before I welcome you officially, I invite you to consider the dauntingly impressive achievement you have just made.  Getting into college is notoriously difficult; so much so that books, magazines, even movies have delved into the mysterious methodology behind admissions decisions.  Now that you’re on […]

I Yoga, and You Should Too

I feel loose.  I feel relaxed.  I feel focused.  I feel calm.  I feel…. really, really warm? A whole twenty-four hours later, it seems I can still feel the effects of of my most recent “warm” yoga session at Hanover’s own Mighty Yoga.  I have […]

To Boston!

For this intrepid blogger, Sunday was adventure day. The destination? Boston. The method? Dartmouth Coach. The motive? Clam Chowdah at Joe’s American Grille, and a birthday celebration of an old friend from high school.  But mostly the Clam Chowdah. I arose at the unearthly Sunday-morning […]

Squashing the Winter Blues, with Squash

You won’t find it in the South.  You won’t find it in the West.  You will, however, find it at Dartmouth, and at most other colleges in America’s northeast.  It’s called squash, and around here, it’s just another racquet sport. Curious?  You should be.  A […]

Tackling the List

We all know that doing a study abroad program can be a little overwhelming.  But do you know what is even more overwhelming? Picking one. I made this discovery two weeks ago, just a few days before the universal February 1st application deadline.  As a […]