Author: Aaron

Started from the Autumn: Now We’re Here

As a Texan, or “Person of Salsa” as I prefer to be addressed, I am no great fan of New England’s climate for a good two-thirds of the year. It is with clenched apprehension that I await Hanover’s mutation into an homogeneous blur of snow, […]

The Most Uncool Thing You’ll Love Forever

 In the whole history of everything, a cappella music is the most impossible thing to explain to an outsider. It’s deliberately cheesy. It almost always falls short of the original music. The choreography is frequently lackluster, predictable and flaccid. Often, the soloists are neck-craningly inaudible on […]


When my brother told my family that he’d been offered a spot in the Dartmouth Class of 2018, I leapt out of my chair and threw myself on the floor, crying like I hadn’t done since I was eleven. For months, he and I had […]

4 Stages of Dartmouth, *~*~In Limericks~*~*

Freshmen: a delight to behold All newly freed from the mold Of those halcyon days of highschooler haze Most of them eighteen years old! Sophomores: they know the rules Or think they do, surely not tools Who crush P-Sets all night The Op-Eds they write […]

How To Win Dartmouth With This One Weird Trick

DEAR EIGHTEENS:  I’m going to tell you how to be the best Worst Class Ever. Unlike my boy Alex Libre ‘16, who just confessed his timid inability to share the secrets of the Dartmouth Experience, I’m about to mother-bird some heaping helpings of “awesome, all-encompassing, […]

A Banana of Winter

Among many other things, this term has been a term of bananas. As a food that’s eminently portable, fun to eat, provocatively-shaped, available at every one of Dartmouth’s dining locations, bananas have long exerted an occult power over me that reached its climax in the […]

The 1902 Room

Flanking the lawn before Baker Library is a large, one-room building of two-story proportions. It’s called the 1902 room and it’s always open. It contains about ten long, broad wooden tables, each paired with a portrait of an important figure from the college’s history. Their […]

‘Personal Diversity’ at Dartmouth

In this century, college is marketed to prospective applicants as a paradise of diversity. In and out of class, undergraduates hope to gain exposure to a wide range of perspectives that harmonize with and challenge the experience they accumulated before entering higher education. This can […]