A Note for Future 18’s

Before I welcome you officially, I invite you to consider the dauntingly impressive achievement you have just made.  Getting into college is notoriously difficult; so much so that books, magazines, even movies have delved into the mysterious methodology behind admissions decisions.  Now that you’re on the other side of that river, take a moment to reflect.

Think about your friends, family, and anyone else who may have supported you during the application process.

Think about the multitudes of high-achieving, high-aspiring students who may not have been offered admission.

Think about your own hard work, the many hours spent studying, practicing, training, and generally not sleeping.

And now…

Congratulations for being accepted! I can’t wait to see all your faces around campus during Dimensions.

From all of us in Hanover, WELCOME HOME ’18s!


Post Scriptum: A Note for the Waitlisters

If, like me last year,  you found yourself placed on Dartmouth’s waitlist, I wish you good luck.  The waitlist is an unhappy place, tantalizing its members with the perpetual possibility of acceptance, but constantly reminding them of the likelihood of ultimate rejection.  Keep working hard, prove your love of Dartmouth, and you may eventually be offered admission.  Stay patient, don’t get frustrated, and remember that no admission letter will ever matter more than your personality and character.

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