Skiing, Chemistry, and College

image-2People often ask me what I love so much about Dartmouth. When I try to give a general description of the atmosphere on campus, the friendly people, or the high quality of academics, I somehow fall short.

Skiway Powder 2:5:14

Sure, many of the things I love about Dartmouth can be found on other college campuses—but days like today cannot.

After last night’s fun (unofficial) commencement of Winter Carnival, I woke up at 9am to attend my PE squash class. I played for an hour, and then grabbed brunch with a few friends before attending my chemistry class. From class, I raced back to my room to change into snow clothes and grab my skis, and then took the free shuttle to the Dartmouth Skiway. It was sunny, warm, uncrowded—and did I mention the 8 inches of fresh snow that have accumulated on the slopes over the last 36 hours?image-2 skiway sunlight image-1image-2

As I came down the mountain, riding through powder and carving between trees, I stopped to think about what was actually happening. This moment, right now, is my college experience. I ski, play squash, take interesting classes, and get to enjoy Winter Carnival with great friends.

So if you ask me what I love so much about Dartmouth, I’ll keep it simple: days like today.

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