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To those of you that have been accepted into Dartmouth ED, CONGRATULATIONS! We, the Dartmouth Family, are so excited and happy for you, and can not wait for you all to get here and experience all the great things that Dartmouth has to offer. We know you will love it here, and you have made the right choice by applying ED. Although it may seem overwhelming to you now, transitioning to college is a very smooth process. Do not worry about all the deadlines and paperwork just yet- enjoy yourself and celebrate this new chapter in your academic and personal life! As long as you let Dear Old Dartmouth know that you will be attending by the deadline, everything else will fall into place soon afterwards. Again, Congratulations! This must be a moment of great pride for you and your families.

Now, to those of you with less positive results: I can very well empathize with what you are feeling- disappointment, shock, frustration, anger, and sadness are all valid feelings . It sure would have been great to have been accepted into your dream school, I can’t deny that. But you should not be feeling bad for too long. You are a busy high school senior, and you have other things to worry about, from school work to new college apps. A rejection or a deferral from Dartmouth is NOT A REFLECTION OF YOU IN ANY WAY. It is a reflection of how competitive admission to Dartmouth is. You might be the most well-rounded student at your high school, or the math genius or the piano prodigy or the star athlete or the dedicated activist or… Dartmouth knows that you are talented, each and everyone of you. But Dartmouth can not accept everyone, and it so happened, for reasons unknown to me, that you were not part of those selected. Again, you can very well still get into your top choices, and you will enjoy your college years no matter what. Do not feel embarrassed, awkward, or shy telling people of the results- your ED application was a good decision and sometimes “life” has other plans. Stay positive!


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  1. Hi
    I am a high school Junior. I am interested in attending Dartmouth in 2015.
    What does your admissions consider more challenging AP or honor classes?
    Thank you

  2. I am glad you are interested in Dartmouth!
    As long as you know that I do not work in Admissions and am in no way affiliated with the office, here is my non-expert opinion:

    I think colleges in general – Dartmouth included- wish to admit students who enjoy learning and value education as it pertains to their interests. More often than not, this means that competitive applicants would be taking the most challenging available courses in which they are interested, and would do well in these courses. That could be AP or honors- only you, and perhaps your high school college counselor can know which class is tougher based on the subject, the teacher, the average grades over the years, etc. That said, colleges do not want you to take the class just because you know it is more challenging- this is a shallow way to choose classes, I suppose. Good luck!

  3. Hi, I have applied for Dartmouth, and want to know that when will the results be released? Are interviews necessary?

    • Hello! Ivy League decisions are generally released in late March/early April. Interviews are optional as not all geographic areas have enough alumni to conduct interviews for all applicants.

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