This weekend was homecoming and it was an absolute blast to be a freshmen. Throughout the week ’17s helped to build the big bonfire in the center of the green and decorated boards for the fire. On Friday evening the entire freshmen class walked together around campus to each of the freshmen dormitory clusters all the way to the green. After a few speeches and the alma mater, the running began! As a part of Dartmouth tradition, we ran 17 (our class graduation year) laps around the bonfire. Some of the athletes even ran 117!


bonfire 2

This morning I met with my Linked Up “family” for Breakfast at the Hanover Inn in town. Linked Up is a club on campus that matches underclassmen women with upperclassmen women and female faculty members. Its really nice knowing a junior on campus!


Off to the library to study for my midterms,


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