Fall Term Shenanigans

I have deprived you all of a post for two weeks too long! Needless to say, there is a lot of catching up to do. Beginning at noon on the Monday after Homecoming weekend, the six-week ban was lifted and seventeens plagued the frats on campus. I did not go out on Monday night, though I was able to attend the Heorot fraternity’s infamous Highlighter party that weekend. Everyone wore white and had glow sticks under a black light while music blasted in a basement with…personality of its own. As for the rest of the frat scene, it is not as bad as the media make it out to be. Trust me. If you go out with a solid group of friends (guys, always stay with your girl friends because they can help you get into frats), tie together your frackets (cheap jackets that you use specifically for frat-hopping occasions), and are ready to watch and/or engage in a few rounds of pong while listening to music and hanging out with your Dartmouth cohorts, your experience will be lovely. You can even play pong with water; they do not force you to drink the beer (reserved for people ages 21+, of course).

~Highlighter Party Ready~

 That same weekend, my friend’s boyfriend and his friend came to visit from the West Point Military Academy. You may be wondering, “Why is this such an important part of her life that she feels the need to tell everyone on the admissions blog?” Well, here is your answer: they brought a car. One thing I failed to remember about college is that I am actually seen as a responsible adult in the real world, and I can use public transportation if I wish to explore off-campus opportunities. On Saturday, keeping that in mind, we decided to drive to White River Junction in Vermont and looked for something fun to do. The one destination we thought sounded like a promising place turned out to be vacant and abandoned. After taking a few pictures in front of the building to log our adventure, we went to Jesse’s restaurant just outside of campus. The food was delicious, and pro tip: this is probably one of the places you want to take your parents on their next visit. They have steak, and it is good.

Blast from the Past
Blast from the Past

That same night, I had Ujitails, which was a super relaxed event where the Ujima team bonded and the Ujibabies (that’s me!) got their nicknames. Meet the new and improved A-Wall (a.k.a. Alexis Wallace a.k.a. clever and legitimate nickname for me in life).

Ujibabies and their Nicknames!

 The next week (because nothing too interesting happened in the middle besides classes and school), I got to see a Cords performance! The Cords are one of the premier all-male a cappella groups on campus and they are aca-awesome! The unique thing about the Cords other than their amazing voices and range would have to be their signature corduroy pants. They look rather dapper, if I say so myself.

Pinwhale Show at Zete
Pinwale Show at Zete

In other news, the fall leaves are beautiful, the weather is chilly, and I have recently discovered my love for pumpkin spice coffees at Novack. Also, my friend just got back to campus from rowing at Princeton this weekend, so I wanted to share this artsy picture she sent me with the world.

Dartmouth Women's Rowing at Princeton
Dartmouth Women’s Rowing at Princeton

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