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Hello prospective students and anyone else reading this blog! Since this is my first post, I’ll start by sharing a little bit about myself. I am a ’17 from just outside of Jackson, Mississippi, and this is my first time living in the North (so yes, the weather has definitely been an adjustment). I am on the pre-med track at this time, though I am not taking any science courses this term. I hope to major in anthropology or Classics (Latin for life <3) and go on one of those foreign study programs during my sophomore year.

Dartmouth Class of 2017 - I'm that one on the right
Dartmouth Class of 2017 – I’m that one on the right

I don’t want to jump too far ahead in discussing my plans for the future, so instead I shall reflect on my absolutely amazing first month at Dartmouth. Most people would describe their first month with more terms related to adjustment, homesickness, and transitioning, but to my surprise, mine didn’t really include as much of those things. Becoming a part of the Dartmouth community felt so easy and so simple. I felt as if fate decided who my trippees and floormates would be, because those people are my best friends to this day. I went on a cabin camping DOC trip, section F50, a.k.a. hiking 10. We danced 
and we cried 
and we laughed
 and had a really, really, really good time. Not to mention, there were spiders, cougars, and Canadian ground fruit involved, so our trip was actually the best.

My DOC Trip at the Ritchie Smith Cabin (the one without the Panini maker)!!!
My DOC Trip at the Ritchie Smith Cabin (the one without the Panini maker)!!!

When we got back to campus, there was about a week left until Orientation actually started, and thus began the time of exploration and dorm hopping. Orientation itself was filled with tons of free shirts, water bottles, candy, and actual food, so I couldn’t complain. Of course it was also filled with important information and open houses for various departments, but the free things definitely stuck with me. Matriculation was the only event for which we actually had to dress up and I loved it! Everyone was so beautiful and I am so happy to be a part of the class of sexy seventeens.

Obligatory Matriculation Pic with my friends from Brown
Obligatory Matriculation Pic with my friends from Brown

The first week itself was so hectic. Thankfully, I found all of my classes and got to each one on time (I kind of cheated and found them the night before but still). Activities and meetings for clubs were happening almost every day, and I gave my blitz to every one of them, which was the worst idea ever. You could decide not to join the club or go to the meetings, but they still have your email address and you can’t do anything about it. Maybe you can. I just haven’t figured that part out and I must pay for my actions. Nevertheless, I am so ecstatic to be in great groups/clubs on campus and I think everyone deserves to be satisfied with the activities they choose to be involved with. I am a proud member of the UJIMA Dance Troupe (love my Ujiohana), a new club for instituting a program in Zimbabwe called Cover the Globe, and a mentoring program called Link Up for girls on campus. I also founded the Dartmouth chapter of Her Campus Media, so growth for that is definitely underway (if you wish to get involved, blitz me at!). As the term progresses, I’ll be sure to keep you updated (midterms are coming up this week for me!!!).

Fort Lou's with the Ujifam
Fort Lou’s with the Ujifam

Ciao for now,

Alexis Wallace

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  • Thanks for your blog. I am an international student interested in applying to Dartmouth early decision this year.I would like you to tell me more about the state of international students at Dartmouth and also address issues of hazing and alcohol abuse related to the Greek society at Dartmouth that have been making rounds in the media.If you mind, you can also tell me what your academic statistics were ..GPA, SATs and the like.

    • First I would like to clear the air regarding what you’ve heard in the media about Dartmouth. No one here makes you do anything you do not want to do. I have upperclassmen friends who just participated in rush and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There’s dressing up and completing “missions” for respective fraternities or sororities, for instance, but these things are done out of pure fun and you are not forced to participate. Alcohol abuse is on par with many institutions around the country; just know not to abuse alcohol on an individual basis and stay safe. Also, watch out for the people around you. I think that Dartmouth students are actually pretty good about the “Good Sam” policy, which you should research for more information. We protect each other here, and overall people know their limits. International students also mesh well into the Dartmouth community. There is an international orientation a few weeks before the scheduled orientation program starts, so you would definitely become acclimated with Dartmouth prior to your attendance. I will not provide my academic statistics online simply because those will not necessarily aid in your admissions process. However, if you have any specific questions, feel free to email me at

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