Best Song Ever!



Hey all,

So, its been a while since I have written, but that is because I have been so busy with everything going on here, and NOT because I do not have enough to talk about. Every week, there are more and more things to do from breakfast until dawn again , and it is really great. Back to the Title of this post, the Best Song Ever is the Dartmouth Alma Mater ( It is so beautiful and hair-raising, and the reason I am bringing it up now is because this past weekend was HOMECOMING 2013, during which we sang this song. Homecoming is great because everyone DOES come home! Alums from all the way back (1944, that is 69 years ago- unbelievable) come to Hanover to reunite, reconnect, and meet us. Dartmouth is really home to them, and it is a beautiful feeling to be part of this community for the next four years, and for ever.

The bonfire!On the Connecticut River over the Weekend!

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