Week one of classes

First week of classes has been an overwhelming flurry of new textbooks, new classmates, and new introductions. Everybody is back on campus and all the activities, clubs, and info sessions are in full swing!

Although we only take 3 classes per term, it feels like more, because there is a lot to do, but it is also really great because you feel totally immersed in the subject you are studying. Professors are super friendly, super knowledgeable, and being in class here is different from being in class in high school, in the best way possible.

There has been many big decisions to make this week, from class registration, to choosing clubs and activities, to deciding where to eat or how to spend a free afternoon… That said, it is so easy to feel totally at ease with however you decide to spend time here, because everything is a great opportunity to learn and meet new people.

I posted pictures of my studio arts class and my biology class building, both of which are top-notch facilities.

Off to hit the books, week 2 is coming up!


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