Becoming a Dartmouth student AKA prematriculation and matriculation

This week has been very busy but also amazing because we, entering freshmen, got to meet many of Dartmouths key figures.

We had two huge events, which were both formal and inclusive of all the freshman class. The first event was an assembly in which the Dean, the President, and others spoke to us and gave us some advice. There was a spoken-word part of the performance in which quotations of admission essays were read out, and that was very nice and unifying. We also sang the Dear Old Dartmouth Alma Mater, which was so moving as we all hugged the classmate next to us.

Here is a picture of all 1107 of us freshmen right after the assembly:


The other huge event took place this morning, and that was matriculation at the Presidents Office and some conversation-making with graduates of the class of 1967! This class is the class 50 years ahead of us, and they gave us our Dartmouth pins, which we are all proud to own right now. I love the traditions here at Dartmouth, and how loyal the alumni community is to the school.

Classes start tomorrow, more about that soon! #excitingtimes




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